LINKgroup donated equipment to "Bora Stanković" Elementary School in Tibužde

As part of the LINK kidZ & Youth Without Borders Community Club program, LINK Educational Alliance signed a "Cooperation Protocol" with "Bora Stanković" Elementary School in Tibužde, located near Vranje. Based on the Cooperation Protocol, IT equipment and valuable furniture were donated to the school's students and teachers, and we believe that the donation will contribute to higher teaching quality and a more pleasant time spent at school for both children and teachers.

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The Portuguese National Agency has approved funding for the implementation of the Erasmus+ project "Brainfinity"!

"Brainfinity" is already widely known in Serbia as a competition that encourages students' creativity, collaboration, and logical reasoning. The high responsiveness of school-age children and teachers made us think about the internationalization of this great initiative.
One of the most important goals of education should be to make students productive and able to independently and creatively solve various problems.
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LINK edu Alliance Classroom Design using Artificial Intelligence

LINK edu Alliance has launched a project investigating how creative educational spaces, based on quality design, and with the use of artificial intelligence, can improve student motivation and academic performance, and how our education system can be improved through "smart" school space design, which involves the use of new educational methodologies and technology.
In Europe, 64.000.000 children and young people and more than 4.5 million teachers spend more time in school than anywhere else, if you don't take the time spent at home into consideration.
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