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  • "With all I have learned at ITAcademy, university has, at least on my list, taken the second place! The academy offers a lot of practical knowledge, applicable, complete. Everything has been prepared in advance - all that the student has to do is work."
    Marija Marković,
    ITAcademy, PHP Web Development
  • "At BusinessAcademy, I am especially satisfied with expert personnel who try to convey knowledge to students in the best possible way. The best part of education at Business Academy, in my opinion, is BusinessAcademy’s cooperation with renowned foreign institutions that offer acquiring of globally recognized certificates in different fields."
    Ilija Mihajlović, BusinessAcademy, Investment Management and Stock Market Operations
  • "I would rate the effort of everyone employed at ITHS to provide the best possible conditions for students very highly. The way in which the teaching staff treats the parents and the students is highly professional and quite proper. Parents’ suggestions are taken very seriously."
    Željko Nikolić, parent of an ITHS student
  • "We are quite satisfied with the conditions, classes, as well as the school’s entire staff. You managed to realize everything that was promised at enrollment, that is - that you are a school that provides knowledge and that the teachers’ approach is exceptional. The curriculum is exquisite and I think there is a lot of attention paid to professional subjects, which is, after all, the purpose of professional education."
    Vera Gašić, parent of an ITHS student
  • "The knowledge I gained at ITAcademy is fully practical, since at the end of the education program you create a complex and realistic web application, which also gives you your first taste of self-confidence in programming."
    Dalibor Škorić, ITAcademy, Microsoft Web Development
  • "What I like about ITS is that all three years are focused on practical knowledge, there are no excess subjects and, in a word, the material is really concrete. Compared to other faculties, at ITS I have the opportunity to practically apply what I have learned. There is no arid theory or cramming. Everything we have studied, I have truly understood and I am able to use it."
    Marija Aleksić, ITS student
  • "I apply knowledge and information acquired at the BusinessAcademy every day in my own firm, which is still in its early stages, but BusinessAcademy gives me a certain confidence that I am doing things properly."
    Spomenka Tomišić, BusinessAcademy, Human Resource Management
  • "I wanted to enroll into a school whose completion would provide me with experience and knowledge for immediately starting my own activities and work. Before ITS I studied for two years at a public university and the difference in the way knowledge is offered to the student is enormous. At ITS, the student has it all at his disposal - all he needs to do is study and in that case there is not even the slightest possibility of not succeeding."
    Miloš Đaković, ITS student
  • "Through education at ITAcademy, I have advanced my knowledge to a whole new level; I acquired a lot of practice working at a design studio, and it was therefore easier for me to recently get a job at an American company."
    Miloš Vujinić, ITAcademy, Print & Graphic Design
  • "I work for the foreign company BMW, at its branch offices in Belgrade. I chose BusinessAcademy primarily because of the innovative mode of learning. I can try out and implement the knowledge acquired at BusinessAcademy directly in practice, in actual work, and it means a lot to me. Of course, I would recommend BusinessAcademy to everyone. Learning here is quite different and truly interesting."
    Mladen Benić,BusinessAcademy, CID in Business
  • "The teachers were phenomenal! They know how to convey their knowledge and to teach us everything we need and prepare us for everything that awaits us at work as graphic designers. We could ask for their assistance at any time and they were always there for us, which meant a lot to all students."
    Andrea Obradović, ITAcademy, Print & Graphic Design
  • "Before ITS, I studied at an American university and I can say that ITS is in step with higher education institutions in America. During my studies, I have learned a lot of new things although I had a considerable background knowledge, and most importantly, I am able to apply this knowledge every day. I would recommend ITS to anyone who wants quality studies, and later a good job, too."
    Kristina Naumović, ITS student