Don’t be afraid. Be focused. Be determined. Be hopeful. Be empowered.
– Michelle Obama
The most successful international companies know that women have a crucial role and a great potential for success in modern business. That is why they particularly value diversity, and strive to provide as many capable female managers, CEOs and workers with the opportunity to realize their full potential at the top levels of corporate business.
For this reason, the motto “women in business”, which used to refer to the unfair exclusion of women from the top-management positions, is nowadays used to indicate a positive trend of encouraging and empowering women to take active participation in business on a larger scale, as well as diversification of the workforce.


Women are indispensable in modern business 

I’ve never thought of myself as a female engineer, or founder, or a woman in tech. I just think of myself as someone who’s passionate. 
― Leah Busque
Research indisputably confirms the positive influence of women on modern business: 
  • Some of the largest and most successful companies, such as IBM or General Motors have or have had women in CEO positions. 
  • Businesses owned and run by women generate higher profits than those owned by men.
  • Women are more efficient team leaders and better at creating new jobs.
  • Women generate twice as much profit per dollar invested than men.



The battle has not been won yet 

Thanks to the brave and uncompromising fight of previous generations of brave women, women today occupy important positions in all areas of society, including modern business.

However, although we are witness to enormous progress on a daily basis, there is still much room for improvement. 
Today, we have a fairer distribution of women in corporate managerial and entrepreneurial positions at a global level, but unfortunately, there are still many cultures and business formats where women are still fighting against the glass ceiling.
It is a global phenomenon that prevents women from reaching top-level leadership positions. This is a direct effect of global disproportion where women are more likely to be in lower level leadership positions, with lower authority, and earnings than men. By definition,  Glass ceiling is a political term describing the unseen, yet unbreachable barrier that keeps minorities and women from rising to the upper rungs of the corporate ladder, regardless of their qualifications or achievements. The metaphor was first coined by feminists in reference to barriers in the careers of high-achieving women, and is still sometimes used in this context. In the USA, this expression is sometimes extended to refer to obstacles hindering the advancement of both minority women and men. (source: Wikipedia)
Although the proverbial ceiling may be made of glass, it is still not easy to break. This is confirmed by statistics:
  • According to the Catalyst database, published by Dow Jones, only 6,4% of women are in CEO positions, whereas 40,9% women are in managerial positions, and make up 47% of the total number of all employees in these companies. 
  • On the Fortune 500 list, 41 women are in CEOs positions, with the total percentage of women in that position being barely 8,1%.

Let’s celebrate brave women who were first to overcome this “invisible” barrier 

“It is pure mythology that women cannot perform as well as men in science, engineering and mathematics. In my experience, the opposite is true: Women are often more adept and patient at untangling complex problems, multitasking, seeing the possibilities in new solutions and winning team support for collaborative action.”
― Weili Dai
Obstacles are there to be overcome. This is proved by many brave and successful women who fearlessly tore them down, thus inspiring others to follow in their footsteps: 
  • Mary Barra, General Motors became the first woman CEO of a major car manufacturer when she succeeded Daniel Akerson in January 2014. In an industry where women make up less than 25% of the total workforce, Barra has overcome significant challenges during her tenure. 
  • Safra A Catz, Oracle, became the CEO of Oracle, a major computer technology corporation, in September 2014. She became a member of the company’s Board of Directors in 2001, and the highest paid female CEO in the USA in 2015, also appearing on the Forbes list of the world’s most influential business women.


There is no “glass ceiling” in the LINKgroup company 

The LINKgroup company has always been an encouraging, open and inclusive environment where each employee is provided with the necessary tools, resources and support to achieve all their professional goals.
The LINKgroup is particularly proud of the fact that a large number of managerial positions in the company are held by women. Their hard work, commitment, and creativity are responsible for the success by which our company is recognized around the world. 
The proactive energy, business vision and commitment our female colleagues devote to the company’s business is crucial for its success. This is why the key positions in the LINKgroup are held by women, and why there never has been a “glass ceiling” in our company. 

Equal representation of women at all levels 

In line with the guidelines of the International Labor Organization (ILO) and UN conventions that promote equal rights for all and emphasize the role of women in economic prosperity, as well as due to the outstanding results that women achieve in the workplace, they are fairly represented in all positions and all levels in the LINKgroup company.
For this reason, the LINKgroup is recognized as an exceptional environment for the professional development and advancement of women in all areas of modern business and education. 
Thus, women occupy a significant number of all managerial and leadership positions in all sectors of the company. Specifically, women are represented in 52% of the positions in all three leadership and management levels (top level, middle level and first line), and men in 48%. If we only look at the top and middle levelwomen are represented in 51% positions, and men in 49%. When it comes to top level managementwomen occupy 48% of positions, and men 52%. 
Such statistics unequivocally show that women are able to achieve quantitatively significant advancement to the highest positions, and that the LINKgroup company not only follows, but drives the global trend of promoting women in business, similar to the world’s leading companies. 

Meet women in senior positions at LINKgroup

The LINKgroup company is known for making sure that everyone gets the opportunity they deserve.
From the company’s director, business manager, to principals of our formal and non-formal educational institutions and services, women have an indispensable role in the company’s growth and development. 

What do women say about working for LINKgroup  

Working in the LINK Edu Alliance allows me to combine two often irreconcilable areas of work: economy and education. Having worked in other higher education institutions, I have often witnessed the lack of practical experience and project opportunities for teachers. In LINKgroup, we get the best of both worlds. Because of the meritocracy practiced by the company, we need not worry if the best candidates are in the most responsible positions, because we know that the strategic development and progress of education in Serbia is ensured. 
Docent Milena Ilić, PhD, Director of LINK Innovations
Working at the LINKgroup company has been a powerful and exciting experience for me, which enabled me to learn and teach others at the same time. In this two-way process of exchanging knowledge and experiences, we all get a chance to take part in the development of the system that gives us opportunities for personal and professional development. Seven years in the LINKgroup, regardless of the scope of my previous experience, is still a fresh and unique encounter with a system based on the highest humanist values. 
Jasmina Franolić, Principal of Savremena Primary School
When, after graduation, I decided to work in education, I thought that investing in education was the safest investment. I wanted to contribute through my work and convince parents of my students that only through joint effort and a quality educational process can we prepare students for future academic success, and for life in general. Working in Savremena gimnazija, part of the LINK Edu Alliance, has given me faith that we can offer young people an educational process that will enable them to develop the skill of combining knowledge, skills, but also values and attitudes important for future life situations, and be able to apply the acquired knowledge and skills in practice. I am happy and proud to be part of the educational system that enables students to realize their full potential, learn in state-of-the-art classrooms and facilities, and have access to the best teaching and extracurricular resources. 
Milka Keser, Principal of Savremena gimnazija
The LINK Edu Alliance enables young promising people to find their calling in educational work. As part of the Alliance, I had the opportunity to learn the difference between “job” and “calling” firsthand, thanks to a dynamic and inspiring business environment in which hard work and commitment are acknowledged and rewarded, and professional ambitions nurtured. The LINK Edu Alliance has enabled me to gain extensive experience, as well as professional and ethical values in business, thus making me part of the Alliance’s strategic positioning as one of the very best educational systems in the country and abroad.
Zorana Živanović, Principal of International School 
Working at LINK, I have come to believe that there is a company that values hard work, commitment and professionalism. These are the most important qualities that enable significant professional advancement in the LINK Edu Alliance. On the other hand, given that ITS is a vocational school, the emphasis on projects and practical examples allows me to organize teaching and exams through a problem-oriented paradigm, as an adequate didactic tool in modern education of IT professionals. LINK is a great company for professional development and advancement, a healthy and supportive environment that encourages its employees to move up the ladder. The main impression about the LINK company is that you will get what you give, and there is no better motivation than that.
Svetlana Anđelić, PhD, Assistant Principal of ITS 
I was very lucky to land my first job fresh after graduation at LINK. My first position was a Learning Consultant, who provides support and advice to students who opt for further career advancement and professional development (at ITAcademy and BusinessAcademy). Education has always played an important role in my life, and as luck would have it, I became part of the most advanced educational system that helps many people improve their careers and their lives. My professional results recommended me for the position of the Sales Manager, and now I am training new colleagues from the Enrollment Department on how to provide the best possible support and motivation to our students. The management noticed my interest in marketing, so I got the opportunity to expand my experience by working in this sector of the LINKgroup company as well. I will soon be celebrating my 10th anniversary at LINK, and I feel the same loyalty and excitement as on my very first day. I am grateful for all the support and opportunities given by the management and colleagues alike. This is a company where everyone gets the opportunity to do the job they love and be rewarded for their effort and hard work.
Arijana Bjelić, MComm, PR, International Sales and Marketing Manager LINK group BIH, Romania, Moldova and USA


Having the opportunity to be a team member at a company that encourages personal advancement and is supportive of women’s roles in leadership is truly remarkable. Being able to collaborate with other women in administrative and leadership roles with the same goals for education is just extraordinary and a clear indicator that at Link Educational Alliance women are appreciated and offered equal opportunities to move up in the career paths. With LINK Educational Alliance’s support I look forward to continuing my path as an educational leader to improve student achievement, and develop lifelong thinkers with moral purpose in a knowledge society.
Shaidy Fernandez, Principal, Allison Academy
I have always seen LINKgroup ideas as something that not only contributes to the future of education, but also to my own personal and professional development. I’ve always wanted to work in an environment that strives to create conditions for advancement of self and others, and I’m very happy that the LINKgroup gave me the opportunity to develop my career. I am honored to have met many people as the Director of Finance of this company whose main motive for joining this company is a desire for professional and personal advancement. It is a great motivation to see one’s female colleagues advance to leadership positions, building up their path to success within our company.
Dragana Vlahović, Director of Finance at LINKgroup
The LINKgroup has given me nothing but support from the very beginning of my career. There is always room for learning and advancement, and the company has helped me to develop myself as a leader, opening my eyes to the fact that there is a place for women in the corporate and business sphere. Working for the LINKgroup is a valuable experience for me, and being a manager in this company has shaped my perception of what it means to pursue one’s vision and be a great leader. The LINKgroup encourages us to step out of our comfort zone and do not hesitate to ask for advice if we need it, because it is a natural part of progress.
Milica Zorić, Director of Marketing for LINKgroup

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― Meg Whitman
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