LINK Educational Alliance shared a stage with the best schools and renowned educationalists at the World Education Summit

A premier event, which brought together the most brilliant minds of today’s education, the World Education Summit put a spotlight on the most important innovations in education and offered a variety of solutions to the challenges schools are facing today. LINKgroup was chosen to present its schools, which received the Cool School prize, and the research on creative teaching and metacognition, which was well received by the 100,000 colleagues from all around the world, who followed the summit online.
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Institutions of the LINK Edu Alliance provide their students with the most complete STE(A)M education in this part of Europe

In the dynamic 21st century, old professions disappear and new professions are created every day, so traditional education often fails to provide students with the knowledge that enables them to become productive members of society, and to find employment. The research is categorical: Traditional education changes slowly and adapts poorly to rapid changes, because it was designed in the period when this scope of technological development was hard to imagine.
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