Equal Employment and Career Development Opportunity for all: 

LINK Meritocracy Policy (LMP)


We believe that everyone who has a high-potential personality just needs a chance to shine


LINKgroup values the work and commitment of its employees. We believe that those who have a high-potential personality just need a chance to shine. That's why we look at the labor market in search of talented people! Through various programs and procedures, we try to increase the visibility of each employee and enable two-way communication between management and employees, to reduce noise and the MUM effect. This is one of the reasons why the LINK Educational Alliance Presidential Cabinet was founded. We created the LINK Meritocracy Policy (LMP) because we want to proudly show that meritocracy reigns in LINK!


What is Meritocracy?

Meritocracy is a system, organization, or society in which people are selected and moved to positions of success, power, and influence based on their demonstrated ability and merit.

LINK Educational Alliance is a system that, from the beginning of its business, cultivates the principle of "everything is earned on one’s own merit" and gives each of its employees the opportunity to get from the company just as much as they are ready to give to it.

What does LINK Meritocracy Policy entail?

LINK Meritocracy Policy is a comprehensive system of applying fair measures to assess the values, achievements, and potential of all candidates recruited from different sources, as well as LINKgroup (LINK edu Alliance) employees in order to select and employ the candidates who really deserve a chance, i.e. those employed for vertical and horizontal movements through the group! The planned outcomes of the LMP model are implemented through the system of increased visibility of the best candidates and employees.

All programs, projects, and processes developed and used by LINKgroup exist in order to ensure the greatest possible probability of achieving meritocracy – that is, that the right person is recognized and rewarded for his/her uniqueness and dedication to work.