Realize your
professional goals

Become a part of revolution in education. Join us.

Every day, you will be facing new challenges. Your talents will come to the fore. You will work with a young team, people like you. You will make progress daily. You will be inspired. Motivated. Proud. Because, whatever your job may be, you will know that you are a part of something big. That you are creating a new future. That you are a part of the revolution in the way people learn..


A job at LINK group is your chance to influence. To make a change. To give people a different, real education which will change their lives. To be a part of their success and make the future that generations that are coming deserve possible for them. Every class that is taught, every response to a student’s question, every upgraded online course or new partnership and certification, changes thousands of lives. And before anyone else’s, they change yours!


Constant progress and advancement

LINK group is characterized by exceptionally dynamic development. The entire company expands, develops and progresses every day; so does every individual. We are motivated, interested, curious and eager for new knowledge. We learn every day. A day that turned into routine, in which every one of us did not master something new, is a lost day. If you want to develop your skills or learn new ones, company that works in education is the right choice for you.

Energy of the successful

Together we achieve the unthinkable. We work without confrontation, as one big, harmonious team, headed toward the same goal. Every day we live collegiality, sincerity, professionalism, teamwork, enthusiasm, help from colleagues, commendations, and what inevitably accompanies such energy – success. Do we work a lot? Everyone will smile and say – Yes. Because we don’t work, put push the boundaries every day. We go one more step ahead. Together. Are you coming with us?


What would you like to do at LINK group?

We work committedly and continually on advancing our crucial resource - advancing the people. We choose high-quality personnel, with a lot of potential, and we invest great attention into their further development. LINK group is the best choice for those than can handle dynamic changes and who accept new tasks as challenges and a chance for personal advancement.