Ahrefs – an important ally in the education of future SEO managers at ITAcademy and InternetAcademy

The LINKgroup company has established another significant collaboration with the world-famous company Ahrefs, thus providing its students with free access to extremely useful SEO tools that will help in their professional development and future career.  
Thanks to the partnership with the Arefs company, students of ITAcademy and InternetAcademy will have the opportunity to use the leading SEO platform –  ahrefs.com and its tools, which are favored by the leading expats of the largest international companies, such as Facebook, Adobe, LinkedIn, Netflix, Uber and many o
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Let’s change education: The future has arrived

Become the torch-bearers of the change that will push the boundaries of modern education – participate in research on the application of artificial intelligence in teaching. Fill in the form and receive valuable rewards for your professional development.
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Numerous eTwinning projects and European quality labels for LINK institutions

For years, eTwinning has been the largest community of schools and teachers in Europe and one of the most popular portals and virtual spaces for students and teachers. It is part of the Erasmus + program. All the work and effort that is invested is recognized through national and European quality labels, which are awarded every year to teachers and schools for successful projects. LINK Educational Alliance participated in some of the eTwinning projects and as a result, it received European quality labels.
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LINKgroup at the top again: Partnership with World Education Summit 2022 and a special stage just for us

The largest global event in the field of education – the World Education Summit was held last week, bringing together over 400 speakers from all over the world, and providing four days of the live program on ten dynamic virtual stages. Thanks to our partnership with the organisers of the World Education Summit, the LINKgroup Educational Alliance was given the opportunity to curate one of the 10 stages– Balkan Education Summit. This

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