The winners of competition for 20 free business and IT training programs for persons with disabilities have been announced

As a socially responsible company, each year LINKgroup provides persons with disabilities with free online training programs realized via the Distance Learning Platform.
The 20 training programs are given for programs in three educational institutions: ITAcademy, BusinessAcademy and InternetAcademy, in 4 countries: Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania and Moldova. The total value of this financial support program is €40,000.
The goal of the competition is to provide persons with disabilities practical knowledge in business, Internet and information technology, which will enable them to be competent on the labor market and become the first choice of employers. The winners will be eligible for a one-year online program in one of the three institutions, which they will attend via the Distance Learning Platform.

Here are the winners:

Nataša Lučić, Belgrade
Lav Andrić, Belgrade
Filip Nikolić, Kraljevo
Tibor Ilić, Subotica
Tijana Markočević, Belgrade
Jelena Močević, Požarevac
Slavica Janković, Arilje
Stefan Lučić, Belgrade
Bosnia and Herzegovina:
Arnela Smajlović, Sarajevo
Emina Balavac, Mostar
Jelena Jakovljević, Sarajevo
Mustafa Ahmetspahić, Sarajevo
Eldar Oruč, Sarajevo
Zijada Nakičević, Tuzla
Chirnoaga Elena-Daniela, Galati
Isac Mihaela, Brasov
Macrineanu Andrei Alexandru, Braila
Ingrid Enache, Iasi
Alexandru-Ioan Enache, Caracal
Andrei Popa, Iasi

Socially responsible business practice – one of LINKgroup’s main goals

Through the enhancement of education, LINKgroup strives to show a responsible attitude towards society. This is why the company regularly organizes charity events and projects aimed at advancing young experts in IT, internet and modern business.
In addition to the financial support program for persons with disabilities, the charity campaigns include IT programs for top students, financial support for talents through LINK LEARNING FOUNDATIONS, free IT courses for graduates and much more.
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