Institutions of the LINK Edu Alliance provide their students with the most complete STE(A)M education in this part of Europe

In the dynamic 21st century, old professions disappear and new professions are created every day, so traditional education often fails to provide students with the knowledge that enables them to become productive members of society, and to find employment. The research is categorical: Traditional education changes slowly and adapts poorly to rapid changes, because it was designed in the period when this scope of technological development was hard to imagine.
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Entrepreneurship for all students of LINK institutions: Knowledge and resources for starting your own business

Education at the institutions within the LINK Edu Alliance is not solely aimed at equipping students with the knowledge and skills necessary to win them promising and high-paying jobs, but also at training them to be fully capable of creating such jobs for themselves in the future. In other words, all institutions within this renowned education system provide the best environment for creating successful entrepreneurs to all their pupils and students who have the talent and desire for it.
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Important international recognition: LINKgroup schools chosen among the best in the world

International recognition for outstanding achievement for LINKgroup schools: Primary School Savremena, Savremena Gimnazija, International School, ITHS and Allison Academy will be presented together with the most advanced schools at the World Education Summit in the category of Cool Schools, which are described by the organizers as "outstanding and unique schools that greatly improve education in a passionate and brave way".
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