GLOBE – International project meeting held in Istanbul in a good atmosphere

Force majeure decided that this meeting of the GLOBE project team should take place in Istanbul. We were originally supposed to meet in Tarsus in eastern Turkey, but the ground there was still shaking, and all the accommodation facilities in that and surrounding towns were taken by people who had recently lost their homes due to the earthquake.

A unique experience during Ramadan

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Victory in the City Robotics Competition: Andrej Bovduj wins first place

Andrej Bovduj, a talented student of the Savremena Primary School, achieves great success in the Belgrade City Robotics Competition by winning first place, and thus qualifying for the national competition. This prestigious competition, which brings together future robotics experts, is traditionally organized by the Society of Design and Technology Teachers of Serbia.

We heartily congratulate our Andrej and his dedicated teacher Maja Ivović, because this outstanding result was achieved through their joint efforts.

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LINKgroup and its partners from Europe launched the Erasmus+ project called “MICR@S” during the January kick-off meeting in Brussels

The Erasmus+ project MICR@S (Micro Community coopeRative @ School) has been launched by the European partners, among which is LINKgroup (represented by the International School), during the kick-off meeting which took place on the 17 and 18 of January in Bruxelles. The project intends to provide students with entrepreneurial knowledge so that they can be prepared for a career in the world of entrepreneurship.

Developing a cross-sectorial pedagogical model

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Another success of LINK edu RoboTeam: Voice Assistant technology implemented on Pepper

LINK edu RoboTeam achieves new successes! After connecting Pepper with ChatGPT, our team has now gone one step further!

As we know, connecting Pepper with the ChatGPT software has given Pepper many new language abilities such as generating natural-sounding text, understanding and answering questions, generating answers to various queries, etc., which allows Pepper to communicate even better with people, generate text messages, answers to questions, and more.

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