Winners of free scholarships for people with disabilities 2023/24

The winners of free scholarships for the year 2023 have been selected, which are awarded annually by the company LINKgroup to people with disabilities. The program of financial support for people with disabilities is carried out in four countries – Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania and Moldova, and candidates had the choice of programs at ITAcademy, BusinessAcademy, InternetAcademy and LINK Academy.
The selection process is never easy and this year was no exception. We have received a number of applications and selected 20 candidates who will receive free scholarships with a total value of 50,000 euros. 

List of winners of free scholarships:

  1. Jovan Kulevski, Belgrade – ITAcademy
  2. Dejana Bačko, Novi Sad – InternetAcademy
  3. Jelena Balabanović, Vrbas – InternetAcademy
  4. Senka Nenadov, Novi Sad – InternetAcademy
  5. Sanja Marković, Belgrade – ITAcademy
  6. Ana Kusić, Sremska Mitrovica – ITAcademy
  7. Miloš Radovanović, Valjevo – BusinessAcademy
  8. Slobodan Joković, Čačak – ITAcademy
Bosnia & Herzegovina:
  1. Nikola Jovanović, Sarajevo – ITAcademy
  2. Dušan Galić, Trebinje – ITAcademy
  3. Senaida Sarajlić, Gračanica – BusinessAcademy
  4. Emina Omerović, Ilijaš – ITAcademy
  5. Ervin Ćosić, Brčko – BusinessAcademy
  6. Sead Fazlić, Maoča – ITAcademy
  7. Sajra Blažević, Bihać – InternetAcademy
Romania and Moldova:
  1. Alina Iacoboaia, Suceava RO – LINK Academy
  2. Daniela Strungaru, Chișinău, R. Moldova – BusinessAcademy
  3. Ana Maria Dobrin, București RO – BusinessAcademy
  4. Horeth Daniela, București RO – LINK Academy
  5. Madi Nasser, Cluj-Napoca RO – LINK Academy
We heartily congratulate everyone on this list and wish that this education truly helps them in the process of individualisation, competitiveness in the job market and achieving their desired goals. 
For those who are not on this list, we kindly ask you to continue following the company LINKgroup because there are more great opportunities for further education, career advancement and achieving personal goals awaiting you.
Good luck to all!
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