The President of the LINK edu Alliance presented the award to heroes in education within the "LINK edu Alliance Heroes in Education" Fund

LINKgroup established the "LINK edu Alliance Heroes in Education" Fund with the aim of helping students, schools, principals, teachers and non-teaching staff – heroes – to overcome obstacles in their efforts to provide students with quality education as a universal human right and a prerequisite for the successful functioning of people and society.

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Cell One – Learning Capsule: For the ultimate 21st-century educational experience

When it comes to education at all levels, the company LINKgroup has been considered a leader and innovator in this area for more than two decades. For more than 15 years – from the first Distance Learning platform, through state-of-the-art educational technology to the most advanced methodological approaches – LINK edu Alliance institutions have been surpassing current world standards when it comes to 21st-century learning. Now it's time to go one step further.

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