The amazing children and their devoted educators from the Center for the Protection of Infants, Children and Youth in Belgrade (Zvečanska) visited our Primary School Savremena and spent time with our students and teachers.

The children played, drew, played music and sang. It was very emotional and beautiful to see them enjoying their visit: they spent time with their older friends, tried out the Starship and they couldn’t take the smile off their faces while they interacted with the robot Pepper.

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The most modern education in Serbia! Kudos to Pepper and Maja Ivovic!

Primary School Savremena and LINK edu Alliance are the first in the world to use the humanoid robot Pepper in the classroom. The humanoid robot Pepper uses cutting-edge technology to interact with students and teachers. He can understand and recognise human speech and movements, which allows him to answer questions and perform tasks, and that makes teaching in our school even more creative and provides an interactive experience to students.

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The coordinator of the Design Studio and the director of the LINK Innovations sector within the LINKgroup held a meeting in the ITAcademy premises, where they agreed on the implementation of new projects in the field of graphic and web design in which ITAcademy students would take part. These are projects for well-known clients such as the following: LINKgroup, Information Technology School – ITS, Institute for Contemporary Education and Faculty of Contemporary Arts.

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The New Education Manifesto was adopted

In order to enable the much-needed changes and encourage a fruitful dialogue of all participants in the educational process, the company LINKgroup adopted a unique document called the "New Education Manifesto".

The Manifesto unites the beliefs, visions and determinations on which education is based in all institutions of the LINK edu Alliance. At the same time, it points to the necessary changes that global education must undergo to respond to the challenges of the future.

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What is Empathy-based Learning and why is it important to apply it?

Empathy is very important in education because it allows one to understand the needs and feelings of others. It helps us to be better teachers, professors, and mentors because it allows us to understand what our students are going through, what is difficult for them and how we can help them succeed. Empathy also helps us connect better with our students, which can help them feel accepted and focus better on learning.

What is Empathy-based learning?

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