Winter School of Programming, Electronics and Multimedia for primary students held at ITHS

CoDEsign JUNIOR is a program for primary school students designed to introduce them to programming, electronics and multimedia through interesting lectures and workshops. CoDEsign JUNIOR is an annual event organized by ITHS, one of the founders of which is LINKgroup. The winter school is the perfect opportunity for those who wish to gain knowledge and skills, and learn about the latest trends in IT.
Like in previous years, primary students showed great interest in the workshops and lectures, proving that IT is at the top of the list when it comes to fields valued by younger generations.

Primary school students delighted by online workshops and lectures

This year, all workshops and lectures took place via live stream, which has been used at ITHS as an additional teaching resource for years and has proven to be a great asset during the pandemic.
The participants of coDEsign JUNIOR2021 followed lectures in real time, and the teachers used interesting methods to introduce them to the world of IT, multimedia and electronics.
On the first day, the students learned about the basics of electronics through practical examples. Also, they were introduced to gaming equipment through comparative tests, and learned about cyberattacks, which is highly important for every internet user. On the second day, the students learned about electronic components and developed their algorithmic thinking. In addition, they were introduced to visual programming and learned about audio equipment in a home music studio.
On the third day of the winter school, the students learned about CMS and the basics of web design; they created a photo gallery and continued learning about the home music studio, namely acoustic design and connecting audio systems.
The final day was reserved for a workshop on computer networking using star topology and working on projects in the Python programming language. Also, the students learned how to create electrical circuits and attended an interesting lecture on photography.
With great enthusiasm, ITHS teachers conveyed their knowledge in the most sought-after fields to the students who eagerly attended the workshops. More than 15 teachers talked about how they embarked on their IT careers, thus motivating students to use their love of computers for a future profession.

Valuable skills for a career in IT

All coDEsign JUNIOR workshops were well attended, proving that IT is still the most popular field among primary school students across Serbia. This winter school provided the students with valuable skills that will enable them to have high-paying jobs and a secure future.
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