LINKgroup among the best employers as chosen by Infostud

Candidates on the Infostud website have chosen LINKgroup as one of the top 10 employers in 2020 when it comes to the job selection process.
In a tough competition among nearly 6,000 employers from Serbia and 17,600 job advertisements, almost 15,000 candidates gave their verdict on the selection process they experienced when applying for jobs via Infostud. 

In the company of the best

The categories included companies operating in IT, outside IT, and HR agencies. Like each year, the candidates, regardless of whether they got the job or not, took part in the “Rate the path to employment” survey, where they assessed the manner in which companies scheduled interviews, the quality of the information received about the job, the efficiency of the selection process, and the reports on its outcome. After analzying the information gathered during 2020, LINKgroup finished among the top 10 employers, taking a high 7th place.
We have once again singled out the employers that received high average marks for the selection and recruitment process in order for them to share their examples of good practice – states Infostud.
When it comes to our company, the respondents gave the highest marks for the manner in which the test/interview has been scheduled, and the information on the position they applied for.

Praise for professionalism and feedback

Some of the candidates’ comments regarding the selection process and feedback received from LINKgroup are as follows:
  • Highly professional; I wasn't selected, which means that I need to work on my skills more. This is a good example of how companies should inform their candidates. I would definitely recommend this company.
  • The selection process lasted 3 weeks. All the information we received was timely and in-depth. These are very important details that distinguish LINK from other employers.
  • I wasn’t invited for the interview or test, but I was informed of this which is something I really appreciate. This is a highly professional and responsible company, unlike many others.
  • I’m very pleased with the professionalism showed by the employer and the employees who were in charge of the selection process. Keep up the great work.

Motivation to be even better

LINKgroup thanks everyone for their praise and marks, but also the recommendations on what to improve, given that we regard this award and accompanying analysis as motivation to be even more professional in the candidate selection process.
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