LINKgroup is bringing Finnish education to Serbia

LINKgroup has established a partnership with the renowned Finnish education system New Nordic School with the aim of introducing Serbia and the region to the principles and values which the Finnish education system, known as one of the best in the world, has fostered for years. 
The first step is a unique online training program for school teachers, professors and leaders, available at the Institute for Contemporary Education. This is an advanced online course which will enable teachers to better understand the principles of the best education system in the world and implement them in their schools.

Why are Finnish schools among the best in the world?

The Finnish education system, which has long been regarded as the best in the world, is based on several clear principles and values which we endeavor to introduce in our education system through this project.
Finnish schools, including New Nordic School, are interdisciplinary systems that encourage students to explore their natural creativity, discover their true interests, and shape their future. The key principles of Finnish schools are as follows:
Future Ready – students prepare for an uncertain future by acquiring skills such as creativity, cooperation, communication, and critical thinking;
competence acquisition – schools implement the Finnish National Core Curriculum (FNCC) through the development of practical competences and applicable skills;
expediency – students are at all times aware of the purpose and applicability of the subject content;
personalized learning and teaching – this type of instruction allows students to learn and advance in accordance with their own pace and possibilities; interests, abilities, and needs are at the heart of the students’ school activities;
interdisciplinarity – knowledge in different areas and subjects are connected and combined into a cohesive unit; the students then reproduce this knowledge in front of an audience in a manner that is interesting and relevant to them and others;
holistic approach to student development – schools strive to encourage the physical, mental and emotional development of students and enable them to maintain a daily balance between their academic engagement, physical activities and personal life.

New competences available to teachers across Serbia and the region

LINKgroup’s educational institutions have applied these principles for years; now, our advanced training programs will enable teachers from other schools and systems to acquire these postulates and learn how to implement them in teaching. All this is provided with special benefits available to the members of the Institute for Contemporary Education. Registration for the advanced Finnish education course is underway.
Teachers and professors in the region will have the opportunity to become acquainted not only with education models applied by the best education systems in the world, but also with the latest trends in education and different methods for preparing students for a successful professional future. Course attendees will receive an internationally recognized certificate as confirmation of their knowledge and competences, owing to which teachers become highly competent and their students ready for a new learning experience.
This is just one of the steps taken by LINKgroup as part of their partnership with New Nordic School aimed at implementing the principles of the Finnish education system in our region. We’re expecting many more similar activities in the future.
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