LINKgroup presents innovative teaching practices at international MELTC conference

The Middle East Teaching and Learning Conference (MELTC), which brings together the most influential educational leaders and teachers in the world, took place online in late August. The goal of the conference was to present innovative, revolutionary, efficient, and creative teaching practices and methods, as well as education systems and educators who invest significant efforts towards enhancing education.
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For the best school year yet: LINK Edu Alliance Teachers’ Handbook

LINK Edu Alliance schools strive towards constant enhancement in accordance with the highest educational standards so as to provide their students with the best knowledge and competences that are necessary in the modern age. We are welcoming the new school year fully prepared, with the Teachers’ Handbook, designed to further enhance our efforts towards educating new generations of students. The Handbook presents teachers with innovative ways to develop their teaching methods, and students with effective ways to acquire valuable skills.
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Savremena introduces Finland’s education model into the region through the official accreditation of New Nordic School

Savremena Elementary School, founded by LINKgroup, has become the only educational institution in the region to be recognized as the official partner of the prestigious New Nordic School. The official partnership with the renowned Finnish school is proof that the innovative and dedicated work of our one-of-a-kind school has been recognized worldwide.
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