Important international recognition: LINKgroup schools chosen among the best in the world

International recognition for outstanding achievement for LINKgroup schools: Primary School Savremena, Savremena Gimnazija, International School, ITHS and Allison Academy will be presented together with the most advanced schools at the World Education Summit in the category of Cool Schools, which are described by the organizers as "outstanding and unique schools that greatly improve education in a passionate and brave way". 

World Education Summit – prestigious educational conference

The World Education Summit is the world's largest educational conference of the year, which has been named the most important educational event of 2021 by Forbes magazine. Due to the current epidemiological situation, WES21 is being held online from March 22 to March 25, 2021.  
This year's summit is significant because the world's most distinguished names in education, such as professors John Hattie and Carol Ann Tomlinson, the famous Sadhguru and many others will be in attendance, including our own Svetlana Belić Malinić, Academic Director of the Institute for Contemporary Education, and longtime Principal of the International School and Savremena Gimnazija.
She will give a lecture on the importance and role of metacognitive creativity in contemporary and innovative teaching.
"According to the leading educational experts, 2021 is a turning point when it comes to creative education, and metacognition is one the most important skills for its implementation. Namely, during the process of reflection, we give our thoughts new perspectives through the incubation and illumination of ideas. By seeking inspiration in new ideas, our process of "thinking about thinking" takes on a new dimension, and this is where metacognitive creativity is born."
In addition to the lecture, Svetlana will present the values of our cool schools and introduce the world's professional community with the LINK group strategy built on 15 competencies that aim to help students, teachers and parents to keep up with the educational changes that lie ahead.
Participation in WES21 is proof that LINKgroup provides high-quality contemporary education recognized at the highest international level.

LlNKgroup – a well-deserved place in the company of the best

Only the most exceptional schools in the world get a chance to be presented at WES 2021, and the fact that LINKgroup schools are among them as an example of a contemporary and advanced educational practice is a confirmation of the work LINKgroup has been doing in the field of education for over two decades.
"This is a unique opportunity for all schools within the LINK Edu Alliance. To be named among the cool schools at such a global event which is followed by more than 100,000 people from all over the world is proof of the quality of everything we do to make our students future-ready", says Svetlana Belić Malinić.
Educational institutions that comprise the LINK Edu Alliance, from our primary school, high schools, colleges and faculties, all the way to the Institute for Contemporary Education and professional academies meet the highest educational standards, and as such, occupy a prominent place in this part of Europe, and recently, in the US. 
The honor and worldwide recognition of being presented in the category of Cool Schools at WES21, Primary School Savremena, Savremena Gimnazija, International School, ITHS and Allison Academy have earned as integral parts of the LINK Edu Alliance which relies on the best academic paradigms and their innovative combination with the latest achievements in neuroscience and educational technologies. 
Our dedicated work on comprehensive student development, uncompromising and continuous evaluation aimed at improving the teaching process, interdisciplinary teaching, problem solving approach, innovative LINK Distance Learning Platform, and a smart use of technologies in education are among the reasons why our schools have been chosen among the educational elite of the best schools at WES21.
These are future-ready schools characterized by flexibility, creativity and innovativeness, schools where teaching material is not acquired through mere repetition and memorization, but through problem solving. These schools educate children who are fluent in several languages, creative and proficient in modern technologies, and able to independently and creatively contribute to the society of the future. 

LINKgroup comprehensive service for lifelong education 

The recognition at the world's largest educational summit is undoubtedly a testimony to the quality and international relevance of the knowledge students acquire at LINK Edu Alliance educational institutions.
As a company that has been recognized as a leader in the field of education, LINKgroup has gradually built a comprehensive system for lifelong learning comprising institutions of formal and non-formal education, as well as numerous educational services.
Thus, the LINK Edu Alliance allows all our students to acquire knowledge – from primary and secondary school students, college and university students, to people who want to change their career and hone their professional skills. The thing they all have in common is the fact that the knowledge and skills for the 21st century they acquire at our educational institutions is equally relevant in all parts of the world.


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