LINK edu Alliance Classroom Design using Artificial Intelligence

LINK edu Alliance has launched a project investigating how creative educational spaces, based on quality design, and with the use of artificial intelligence, can improve student motivation and academic performance, and how our education system can be improved through "smart" school space design, which involves the use of new educational methodologies and technology.
In Europe, 64.000.000 children and young people and more than 4.5 million teachers spend more time in school than anywhere else, if you don't take the time spent at home into consideration.
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LINKgroup recognised as a partner of the MICR@S project for the development of entrepreneurial approaches to education

LINKgroup is pleased to announce that it has been recognised as a partner in a new project called MICR@S project / MIcro Community coopeRative @ School, and was awarded a grant by the National Agency of Belgium, which is in charge of implementing the Erasmus+ programme, placing the project in the group of the best projects in the field of schools, which it will finance in the next two years. The topic of this strategic cooperation project is the development of an innovative pedagogical approach for the promotion of entrepreneurial skills among students aged 12 to 18.
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