LINKgroup once again among employers with the best employee selection process according to Infostud survey

LINKgroup has once again confirmed its position among the business leaders in the field of human resources. According to a survey conducted by among job seekers, our company was chosen among the top 10 employers for 2021 when it comes to employee selection and recruitment process, ranking third in the overall score.    
LINKgroup has, thus, found itself in the company of the best 4 companies with the highest ranking for the manner of scheduling job interviews/tests, followed by other processes, such as availability of  information about the job position for which the candidate applied (job description, duties, working conditions, etc.) with a score of 3,7, and the speed of the selection process with a score of 3,6. 

On a par with the best

The annual survey Evaluate your job path conducted by Infostud comprised 28.615 job advertisements published by 7.697 individual employers, where 23.824 candidates applied. They ranked the manner in which companies scheduled job interviews, the quality of received information about the job position, the speed of the selection process, and the manner in which the candidates were informed about interview decisions on a 1-5 scale. 
LINKgroup has already established itself as an example of good practice in this field, given that we also ranked among the top 10 best employers when it comes to the candidate selection process last year as well. This year, however, we ranked among the top 5 companies, as evidenced by the extremely positive feedback we received from the candidates who responded to the job advertisements published by our company. 

Recognition of professionalism 

This survey included three categories of companies - IT sector companies, HR companies, and companies outside the IT sector. The main problem that has plagued this practice for years is the lack of feedback about job interview results on the side of employers, so much so that a massive 87% of the candidates never receive this information.  
We are especially proud of the fact that we received top scores from the candidates, who recognized our company as a competent and consistent employer that provides a high-quality work environment, and the best educational experience for its employees. 
Candidates particularly praised the professionalism of our company during the entire selection process and the speed of receiving feedback about the results of job interviews. They also emphasized and praised positive experiences regarding the timeliness and detailed information about the job position, as well as the professionalism of our selection and hiring managers. 

You make us better 

The LINKgroup company would like to thank all candidates who went through our selection and recruitment process and ranked their experience positively, regardless of the outcome. Your praise is a great incentive for us to become even better, in order to provide the best selection process experience to all our future candidates. 
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