Ahrefs – an important ally in the education of future SEO managers at ITAcademy and InternetAcademy

The LINKgroup company has established another significant collaboration with the world-famous company Ahrefs, thus providing its students with free access to extremely useful SEO tools that will help in their professional development and future career.  
Thanks to the partnership with the Arefs company, students of ITAcademy and InternetAcademy will have the opportunity to use the leading SEO platform –  ahrefs.com and its tools, which are favored by the leading expats of the largest international companies, such as Facebook, Adobe, LinkedIn, Netflix, Uber and many others free of charge.  
A platform that allows complete SEO optimization 
Ahrefs has been proved as one of the most reliable SEO platforms. Ahrefs allows its users to:
  • optimize websites so as to ensure their best search engine positioning;
  • search for keywords with relevant ideas with Keywords Explorer;
  • analyze backlinks to your website and search for the most profitable keywords for organic and paid search with Site Explorer;
  • monitor the progress of your website and its ranking on desktop and mobile devices with regular reports with Rank Tracker;
  • perform website analysis and mapping of potential SEO mistakes with Site Audit;
  • study the secrets of the most successful content on similar topics and regularly monitor your progress;
  • analyze the performance of competitor websites. 

In other words, students of ITAcademy and InternetAcademy can now find everything they need for successful SEO optimization in the Ahrefs SEO toolset.  
Ahrefs – a toolset worthy of a SEO expert  
Optimization using the Ahrefs platform is designed for seasoned SEO exports, as well as marketing juniors. The platform offers simple metrics tutorials, while meeting the overall needs of advanced website optimization. 
Acquiring knowledge and skills, as well as quality training for jobs in the growing SEO industry have never been more accessible. Use this opportunity to enroll in one of the most profitable programs of today – Content & SEO Manager,  and master the Ahrefs SEO toolset in the SEO course. 
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