LINK Educational Alliance shared a stage with the best schools and renowned educationalists at the World Education Summit

A premier event, which brought together the most brilliant minds of today’s education, the World Education Summit put a spotlight on the most important innovations in education and offered a variety of solutions to the challenges schools are facing today.
LINKgroup was chosen to present its schools, which received the Cool School prize, and the research on creative teaching and metacognition, which was well received by the 100,000 colleagues from all around the world, who followed the summit online.

Eight stages for the mind-blowing innovators

The eight stages featured not only the world headliners, paradigm shifters, brave leaders and inspirational teachers but also educationalists who shared Sir Ken Robinson’s passion for creativity, wizards of high impact learning, early years practitioners and proud representatives of the best schools in the world. 
The summit hosts, Stephen Cox, CEO at Osiris Educational, and Anne-Marie Duguid, a founding Director of the Chartered College of Teaching,were the event architects who invited the edu-trend-setters from more than 30 countries to share their visions for the future of education. The summit themes were dedicated to innovations in the digital world, values which celebrate diversity, pedagogy in action, mindfulness and wellbeing as guiding principles and models for learning design, which are meant to interpret the complex webs and structures of knowledge. 

Big names with big ideas

The biggest names of education challenged us with new ways of thinking and reasoning. The audience was learning from and with the best, who are the highest benchmark of educational research, philosophy and practice.

Skill, will and thrill – a path towards academic success

Professor John Hattie, who has been exploring the impact of learning on student achievement for the better part of 30 years, presented his groundbreaking research and unveiled the top 10 most impactful learning strategies for 2021. Learning should be visible, he insists, and skill, will and thrill guide our students’ academic success.

Leadership policies should be inclusive

A true champion of inclusive leadership policies, Dame Alison Peacock presented her work on  school leadership and how she contributed pedagogically revolutionizing work to the field of educational research.

Teachers, leave no child behind

Professor Carol Ann Tomlinson, an internationally acclaimed expert and a prolific best-selling author, insisted that education rests on teachers’ enthusiasm to leave no child behind. Instilling the values of strong, responsive and heterogenous classrooms is decidedly the future of education, she claims.

“Old school” testing is obsolete

The new measures of formative assessment were presented by Professor Dylan Wiliam, one of education’s most celebrated experts and critically acclaimed authors. He highlighted that “old school” testing was fit for the 20th, but not for the 21st century, in which both students and teachers learn in a different way.
Professor Rob Coe pioneered evidenced-based learning, which he also presented in his book on great teaching. He passionately argued for the development of a culture of evidence, where individual learner needs will only be met by teacher’s and policy makers that understand what empirically works.

Creativity and metacognition build a learning infrastructure in a non-invasive manner

Our Academic Director, Dr Svetlana Belic Malinic, dedicated her presentation to the legacy of Sir Ken Robinson and his passion to move away from the old ways.
Insisting that creativity and metacognition are learning skills which scaffold learning in a non-invasive way, she presented a new paradigm of metacognitive creativity, impact-proven pedagogy and happiness it fosters. “When reflecting, our thoughts embrace a new perspective by incubating and illuminating ideas. In search of inspiration which dwells in these ideas, our process of ‘thinking about thinking’ gets a twist, which awakens metacognitive creativity”, Dr Belic Malinic explains the elements of a new paradigm that she presented at the summit.

Cool Schools – an example of the best practices

The summit board recognised the schools of LINK Educational Alliance as schools with innovative ideas, forward-thinking leadership and resonating ethos. Redefining what a school is, Savremena Primary and Secondary School, International School, IT High School and Allison Academy were under a spotlight for being among the most amazing and unique schools across the world – doing something different and brave – all with learning at the heart.
“We were invited to show the world what our values are. We grow minds, but we also grow hearts, which is best evidenced in the love for learning our students emit so effortlessly”, Dr Belic Malinic highlights the most important elements of our schools’ ethos.
„Pozvani smo da pokažemo svetu šta su naše vrednosti. Kod nas se osnažuju umovi, ali i oplemenjuju srca, a to najbolje dokazuje ljubav prema učenju kojom naši učenici odišu bez napora”, naglasila je dr Belić Malinić govoreći o ključnim elementima etosa naših škola.

LINK Educational Alliance shared the stage with some of the top schools in the world such as GEMS (United Arab Emirates), Barton Hill Academy (UK), Otto-Hahn-Gymnasium (Germany), Colegio Internacional de Levante (Spain), Pottsgrove High School (USA) and Oxley College (AUS). 

“It was such a privilege to be recognised as one of the leading school groups in Europe and beyond. We will continue to put our hearts in educating the citizens of tomorrow, who are going to make the world a better place”, Dr Belic Malinic said in the closing of the event. 

LINKgroup ready for 2022

Inspired by innovative ideas, revolutionary pedagogy, and the influential strategies presented at the event, we will strive to maintain the level of quality that has enabled us to position ourselves among the best schools in the world.
Until the next World Education Summit in 2022, LINKgroup’s educational institutions will continue to grow minds, grow hearts and grow togetherness, while inspiring our students and teachers to apply creative thinking and metacognition on their path to academic success. For even cooler schools.
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