LINKgroup and Crown Princess Katherine’s Foundation award free online courses to children without parental care

In August, LINKgroup and Crown Princess Katherine’s Foundation realized the additional education project for children without parental care, by awarding them with free ITAcademy courses. LINKgroup supported with great pleasure the initiative of long-time partner Crown Princess Katherine’s Foundation that enabled children without parental care to gain valuable knowledge and skills for the future. 

Valuable skills for a better future

Thanks to LINKgroup, young people aged 11–22 attended one-month online courses in the following areas: English, computer basics, programming basics, WordPress, and Adobe Photoshop. The courses were attended via the Distance Learning Platform, a unique online learning platform that has long been a staple for all institutions of the LINKgroup corporation. The platform allows students to follow livestreamed lectures, communicate with professors and receive learning materials.
Teachers from the children’s home, who helped organize this project, provided significant support by helping the children learn how to use the platform so as to efficiently complete these valuable courses.
ITAcademy is the leading non-formal IT education institution in the region, which provides students with applicable knowledge and skills that enable them to advance and find a high-paying job in some of the most sought-after IT fields. Thanks to this project, children without parental care can gain valuable skills for the future through free online courses.

Prizes for the most successful students

More than 100 students got the opportunity to attend free courses and HRH Crown Prince Alexander and Princess Katherine awarded prizes to the most successful students at a ceremony held at the White Palace in Belgrade. Ten students who achieved the best results in online education received tablets that will enable them to implement the skills and knowledge they have gained.
HRH Crown Prince Alexander and Princess Katherine thanked LINKgroup and congratulated the students on their excellent knowledge and dedication. “I am very grateful to LINKgroup for supporting my Foundation for Education and Culture and that of my wife”, said HRH Crown Prince Alexander.

LINKgroup and Crown Princess Katherine’s Foundation together in a noble mission

LINKgroup has more than 20 years of success in professional education and certification in the fields of information technology and contemporary business, in all education levels: primary, secondary and higher education, as well as professional development. Through the use of state-of-the-art technology in education and innovative educational practices, LINKgroup has established itself as the absolute leader and has set new standards in education with a clear mission: to help people become more successful. Free online courses for children without parental care are a part of the company’s mission to make top-quality education and 21st-century skills available to everyone.
The shared project of the LINKgroup corporation and Crown Princess Katherine’s Foundation enables children to expand their knowledge and discover how learning can be fun. Most importantly, the skills they will gain will allow them to have more employment opportunities once they leave the children’s home.


The LINKgroup foundation provides support to young talents

The LINKgroup corporation constantly strives to help people become more successful; to fulfill their dreams and build an ideal business career. This is why the company has created a unique fund with the aim of enabling those who wish to advance through top-quality modern education meet their goals.
The support entails helping young and talented people who want to advance, those for whom financial reasons are the main obstacle towards an education that will enable them to have a secure and prosperous future, people with disabilities, whose top skills allow them to become completely equal members of society, as well as all those who wish to truly enhance their talents and create the success they deserve.
Each year, the LINK Learning Foundation provides more than 200 students with education support through schools operating under the LINK educational Alliance, giving them a chance to change their lives.
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