Another year, another free education awards ceremony for persons with disabilities at LINKgroup

At the ceremony traditionally held at the premises of ITAcademy, BusinessAcademy and InternetAcademy in Belgrade Palace, free education programs were awarded to this year’s winners of the open call for persons with disabilities.
The recipients of free online education included persons from Bosnia & Herzegovina, Romania and Moldova.

Free education programs worth over 50,000 euros

LINKgroup allocates over 50,000 euros annually for the education of individuals for whom this mode of learning is highly significant. Participants in the programs of ITAcademy, BusinessAcademy and InternetAcademy will attend and complete their courses online, thanks to the most advanced distance learning platform in the region.
“I am pleased that we continue the tradition of awarding free education to individuals with disabilities this year. The world is constantly changing, and the IT field is very promising,” highlighted Vuk Ninić, ITAcademy manager.
“It is a great honor and immense pleasure that InternetAcademy has been a part of this initiative for years, encouraging and supporting the idea that the right to education is a universal right that absolutely everyone deserves,” said Nina Denkovski, InternetAcademy manager.
“Their perseverance can undoubtedly serve as a great reminder that boundaries exist only when we set them ourselves,” remarked Tanja Živančević, BusinessAcademy manager, about this year's recipients.
“I believe we have once again proved, for yet another consecutive year, that education knows no boundaries and sees no differences among people,” concluded Bojana Dedić, HR assistant.
“As always, we are here to assist participants in shaping or changing their careers through various programs we organize,” emphasized Aleksandra Karadžić, Center for Career Development coordinator.
“I would like to highlight the importance of a project like this one for all individuals with disabilities. Every success they achieve in our country represents a step toward improving the general perception and status of people with disabilities,” stated Ana Kusić, one of the recipients of free education at ITAcademy.

This year’s winners:

  1. Jovan Kulevski, Belgrade – ITAcademy
  2. Dejana Bačko, Novi Sad – InternetAcademy
  3. Jelena Balabanović, Vrbas – InternetAcademy
  4. Senka Nenadov, Novi Sad – InternetAcademy
  5. Sanja Marković, Belgrade – ITAcademy
  6. Ana Kusić, Sremska Mitrovica – ITAcademy
  7. Miloš Radovanović, Valjevo – BusinessAcademy
  8. Slobodan Joković, Čačak – ITAcademy
Bosnia & Herzegovina
  1. Nikola Jovanović, Sarajevo – ITAcademy
  2. Dušan Galić, Trebinje – ITAcademy
  3. Senaida Sarajlić, Gračanica – BusinessAcademy
  4. Emina Omerović, Ilijaš – ITAcademy
  5. Ervin Ćosić, Brčko – BusinessAcademy
  6. Sead Fazlić, Maoča – ITAcademy
  7. Sajra Blažević, Bihać – InternetAcademy
Romania and Moldova
  1. Alina Iacoboaia, Suceava, Romania – LINK Academy
  2. Daniela Strungaru, Chișinău, Moldova – BusinessAcademy
  3. Ana Maria Dobrin, Bucharest, Romania – BusinessAcademy
  4. Horeth Daniela, Bucharest, Romania – LINK Academy
  5. Madi Nasser, Cluj-Napoca, Romania – LINK Academy
Heartfelt congratulations to everyone on this list! We hope this education will genuinely facilitate their individualization process, boost their chances on the job market, and help them to achieve their personal goals.
To those not on this list – we encourage you to continue following LINKgroup, as further fantastic opportunities await you for skill development, career advancement and achieving personal goals.
Best of luck to all!
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