Presentation of Service Learning Methodology and Guide for K–12 Teachers

On Tuesday, April 11, an inspiring multiplier event of the "Together" project was held at Savremena Gimnazija. The focus of this event was to present and test the innovative "Together" platform specifically designed for K–12 teachers to use service learning for the preservation and digitalization of cultural heritage.
During the event, teachers and project experts Darko Tmušić, Natalija Stanković, and Milica Aleksić delivered interesting presentations, introducing participants to the concept of service learning, its numerous benefits, and its immense significance for the community. It was a great opportunity for dialogues and discussions on how service learning can enhance educational processes and contribute to the preservation of cultural heritage.

After the informative part of the event, participants had the opportunity to test the "Together" platform in real time. Their feedback was invaluable as they could assess and evaluate the platform from the perspective of end-users, namely teachers who would like to implement this approach in their schools.

We would like to thank all the participants who attended and actively took part in this event. Your contribution is priceless, and we hope you have gained new ideas and inspiration for your work through this experience. Together, we can create an environment that supports service learning and the preservation of cultural heritage, thus contributing to the education of future generations.

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