This year’s competition for free scholarships for people with disabilities has been announced and will last until October 31!

The company LINKgroup continues with socially responsible behavior this year as well. Free one-year scholarships will be granted to people with disabilities. This year's competition is open and will last until October 31.  All those interested should submit their applications by then.
Free scholarships are awarded for the programs of three educational institutions: ITAcademy (that is, LINK Academy in Romania and Moldova), BusinessAcademy, and InternetAcademy, in the total amount of about 50,000 euros.

20 free scholarships in four countries

We have planned to implement the financial support program in four countries where LINKgroup educational institutions operate: Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Romania, and Moldova. The total number of these international scholarships in the competition is 20, whereby eight will be awarded in Serbia, and six in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, and Moldova each.
The competition aims to provide people with disabilities with the opportunity to acquire practical knowledge in the field of business, the Internet, and information technology which will help them be more competitive in the labor market and become the employers' first choice for many professions that modern business brings.
The names of the ones who won free scholarships will be published on the LINKgroup website on November 6. 

How to apply? 

The documentation needed for the competition should be sent to the following email address: The subject of the email should read as follows: “Free scholarships PWD (people with disabilities)  – Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina or Romania (depending on the candidate’s country of origin)”. You will find more details on the application and the necessary documentation HERE
We wish all the candidates the best of luck in the competition. 
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