LINKgroup's successful performance at the largest Regional Online Job Fair

This year, LINKgroup was a participant–exhibitor at the Regional Job Fair, organized by the largest regional employment sites: from Serbia, from Croatia, from Bosnia and Herzegovina, from North Macedonia and from Slovenia. This largest Regional online Job Fair took place in the period between October 17 and 21, and this year, in addition to the LINKgroup stands, the stands of 60 of the most important employers from Serbia were also present at the fair.

LINKgroup's stand had a high attendance

At the LINKgroup stand, everyone who was interested could familiarize themselves with the group's work, as well as learn about job vacancies within the LINK Educational Alliance educational system in the segments of business support, K–12, higher education and professional education.

As many as 42,276 people visited the LINKgroup stand, while as many as 1,119 candidates applied for our job vacancies. The candidates showed the greatest interest in the following job positions: Client Support Associate (188 candidates), Reception Worker (169 candidates), Learning Consultant (87 candidates), Copywriter – Web Editor (79 candidates), Technical Support Assistant (73 candidates) and Senior Recruiter (63 candidates). This was followed by candidates' applications for job positions in the field of Information Technology and teaching positions in our K–12 schools and Higher Education Institutions.

The LINK Meritocracy Policy ensures that only the best ones become part of the LINK edu Alliance team

In this regard, we would like to emphasize the success of the newly established recruitment process within the LINK edu Alliance, which is the result of the announced strategic approach to Human Resources Management at the group level, as well as the use of the LINK Meritocracy Policy system, thanks to which we ensure that the best available candidates become members of our team.

The fact that as many as 42,276 people from Serbia visited our stand and that as many as 1,119 candidates showed their willingness to work at LINK edu Alliance is a great success and a confirmation of the quality of our work and the values that we promote.

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