LINKgroup at the top again: Partnership with World Education Summit 2022 and a special stage just for us

The largest global event in the field of education – the World Education Summit was held last week, bringing together over 400 speakers from all over the world, and providing four days of the live program on ten dynamic virtual stages. Thanks to our partnership with the organisers of the World Education Summit, the LINKgroup Educational Alliance was given the opportunity to curate one of the 10 stages– Balkan Education Summit. This is a unique opportunity that has been granted only to our Alliance, because, in addition to English, all languages of the region could be heard on this stage. 

The unique entries in this year’s World Education Summit have made it the most visited even in the field of education, so more than 50,000 visitors from all over the world tuned in to watch, and as many will join through the learning platform - Summit Central.


Our teachers on the global stage

Academic Director of the Institute for Contemporary Education, Dr Svetlana Belić Malinić, was curating the program of our stage on behalf of our Alliance, and her presentation on research in the field of neuroscience, and the role of neurotransmitters in the science of learning was scheduled for the first day of the summit.

Milica Aleksić, English teacher at Savremena gimnazija presented the topic of student engagement in the learning process while leveraging their motivation. Nadežda Golubović, Biology teacher and STEAM coordinator of the International School, talked about the importance of the mentoring program for the social-emotional development of teachers, while her colleague, Global Perspectives teacher, Tatjana Koluvija, explained the role of a mindful and assertive approach to one’s relationship with coworkers, students and parents.

In addition to the representatives of our Alliance and teachers from the region, who showed the world the transformative potential of the Balkans, where teachers achieve great feats with limited resources, the audience could also join the sessions of influential educators from Finland, Estonia, Denmark, The Netherlands, Switzerland, UK, USA, Singapore and Hong Kong on this stage. During the four days of the summit, our stage hosted 44 great presentations that showcased educational innovation, international practices, great projects, and outstanding ideas.   

New experiences and knowledge we gained at the World Education Summit

The World Education Summit brought together the most distinguished professionals in the field of education, innovative educational leaders, skillful motivational speakers, inspiring and enthusiastic teachers who shared their educational ideas and good teaching practices with the audience through presentations, workshops, and panel discussions. The topics were diverse, so that all delegates from different parts of the world could find something interesting: from the application of new technologies, through experiential approaches to teaching, to unusual projects that encourage change. 

The World Education Summit singled out ten emerging horizons in education that we should strive toward: 

1. Learning first

2. Democratisation of learning 

3. Social emotional learning (SEL)

4. Learning strategies 

5. Embracing errors and mistakes 

6. Techquity 

7. World class initial teacher education 

8. Contribution science

9. Leadership climate challenge 

10. Collective assessment 

Our speakers published their scientific papers, creative educational ideas, and outstanding projects in a special issue of the K12 Digest Magazine, dedicated to our stage at the World Education Summit. 


Opportunity for continuous professional development in line with the highest global standards

The LINKgroup Educational Alliance keeps up with the trends in education, and strives to provide our teachers and educational leaders with the opportunities for continuous professional development. This is why we believe that the World Education Summit is an incredible opportunity to learn from the best and with the best in education. The participation of our Institute for Contemporary Education in such a prestigious event is an indicator that we are stepping firmly toward the innovations of tomorrow, and that we can readily respond to the challenges of Education 4.0. 

If you want to work on your professional development, the World Education Summit is open until next year, and gives you the opportunity to learn whenever and wherever you want, with the support of the Institute for Contemporary Education. Every participant receives full online access to the World Education Summit over the next year, professional development points, and a digital badge. 

As a company whose mission is to always be up to date with the latest educational standards, LINKgroup aims to be present at events where all the major innovations and achievements in the field of contemporary education are introduced.



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