Let’s change education: The future has arrived

Institute for Contemporary Education, an important part of LINKgroup, offers primary and secondary school teachers a unique opportunity to become the bearers of change, and part of the future of contemporary education!
In order for us all to make the best of it together, we invite you to join the big research "SERBIA: Possibilities for K-12 teacher working hours activity composition and AI-based improvement". You can do this by filling out the poll.
This research conducted by LINK Educational Alliance within its application of artificial intelligence and machine learning in education program is the first comprehensive research of this kind, whose results will provide invaluable information regarding the possibilities of the implementation of AI and educational technology in teaching and the prospects of automation of certain teaching activities. 
The poll is simple and does not require a lot of time; it is fully anonymous and open to responses until May 1, 2022. By responding to this poll, you will be making an important contribution to the advancement and modernization of education in Serbia.  

Valuable rewards for everyone who fills out the poll and contributes to the success of the research

In addition to letting them leave a mark on the future of education, the participation of this poll also gives teachers an opportunity to receive valuable rewards! 
As a sign of LINKgroup’s gratitude to everyone who fills out the poll, thereby making their own contribution to the SERBIA: "Possibilities for K-12 teacher working hours activity composition and AI-based improvement project", the participants will receive presents that will contribute to their personal and professional development!
  • Free attendance of the lecture "Evaluation towards learning" by the Institute of Contemporary Education with a certificate of attendance and 2 professional training credits within an institution, which will help them advance their knowledge and skills.
  • All teachers who would like to play an active role in the creation of the education of the future can join the prestigious InspirED Teachers Club that brings together modern, inspired, dedicated educators in a shared mission of education advancement. Their engagement in this endeavor will be rewarded by six months of free membership of the Institute for Contemporary Education. As an ICE member, you will have exclusive access to educational seminars and workshops that bring valuable knowledge and training credits.


Why is it important that you take part in the research?

Through this poll, we gather information concerning the most effective ways to help teachers to spare valuable time that can be spent working directly with students, monitoring and guiding their development and creating optimum conditions for their success, as well as working on their own development.
Artificial intelligence has not arrived to replace teachers, but to make their job a lot easier, and help them to provide a much better, richer education experience for their students:
Research has shown that the implementation of AI technology in the classroom can save 20 to 40% of the teachers’ time.
"Do not use technology as a necessary evil, but as a creative possibility of elevating education to a higher level. Find time to get acquainted with new educational tools and their use in the classroom. To teach the children of the 21st century, you need to become a 21st century teacher.” (Dr. Valentin Kuleto).
The implementation of AI is impossible without contribution from teachers with a vision of modern education. 
This is why it is important that the teachers fill out the poll on the activities included in their working hours so that we could all gain insight into all the ways in which artificial intelligence can help us on the mission of creating modern, effective education.

Together, we create education for future generations

"LINK Edu Alliance Research: SERBIA K-12 teacher working hours activity composition and AI-based improvement possibilities" project, which includes this research, has been designed to provide a comprehensive analysis of the current state regarding the composition of K-12 teachers’ work activities, their knowledge and opinions of artificial intelligence and the potential of introducing AI technology-based solutions for advancing teacher performance in primary and secondary education institutions in the Republic of Serbia.
The project and the poll are organized by LINKgroup, a multinational company which has been operating in the realm of contemporary education for almost a quarter of a century. The company is the founder of the unique LINK Edu Alliance, which brings together primary and secondary schools and higher educational institutions, faculties and professional academies synonymous with the region’s most modern education.
Fill out the poll and be a part of the change of modern education! The poll is open until May 1, 2022. For any additional questions and information about this project, contact us at cnir@institut.edu.rs.
The options you choose will change the future of education.
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