This summer, for the first time within LINK, the Summer Jobs project was successfully implemented. The goal of the project was to provide an opportunity for interested high school students from the LINK edu Alliance to apply in practice the academic knowledge they acquired in schools, gain experience working in a large system, and prepare them for making good career choices.
A large number of high school students who applied, interested in gaining their first work experience, went through the process of applying, preselection, selection, and interview, all the way to the final hiring decision and the onboarding process, within the LINKgroup's business segments: Marketing, eduTV, HR, and Client Service, which simulated the actual process of getting a job.
During the two months of the project’s duration, the selected students were given the opportunity to independently participate in the implementation of various tasks within the ongoing projects and activities, with the support of business mentors, and thus contribute to the successful implementation of the tasks by sharing their ideas, creativity, and knowledge acquired at school.
Encouraging young people to spend their free time productively during the summer vacation, through this project we provided them with the opportunity to feel what teamwork, business environment, and daily dynamics are and to gain their first work experience and well-deserved first salary. The enthusiasm they brought to the teams they were assigned to enriched the working atmosphere and, along with the positive energy they brought, additionally contributed to the productivity of already experienced colleagues.
With this project, by training young staff, LINKgroup creates future professionals in numerous fields and lays the foundations for their career paths.
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