The First Online School Shop in Serbia

Within our high school for information technology ITHS and our higher education institution for information technology ITS, we have opened the first IT School Shop in Serbia. As with other prestigious globally renowned universities and colleges, in this online shop our students, and all others, have items and souvenirs with crests and symbols of our school available to them.

You can access the IT School Shop at the address and find information about all the items that you can order - there is indeed a great choice of products and souvenirs with crests of our Information Technology High School - ITHS and Information Technology School  (ITS); we believe you will wear them and use them with pleasure or give them as a gift to people you care about. Next to every item is a photo, along with a short description which can help you make a decision when purchasing. All items are divided into six categories: school equipment, clothes, souvenirs, education, vouchers and special offers.

In IT School Shop you can find everything that you need for school, sports activities, work with computer at home or for walk in a park. At your disposal there is a great choice of t-shirts, sweatsuits, jackets, backpacks, caps, mugs, pencils, notebooks and countless other souvenirs with crests of ITS and ITHS. Apart from that, you can find literature for your subjects, like the book Information and Internet Technologies, as well as vouchers for IT School Shop with different values which you can share with other people. Also, we will keep the section with special offers up to date, thanks to which you can achieve amazing discounts on items with crests of our schools.

By  the way, we are talking about the Beta version of IT School Shop and all orders will be implemented from December 1, 2013.

The prices are set for our students of ITHS and students of ITS, but are very affordable to everyone else who want to have some of the items with crests of our schools  and thereby become part of our IT community.

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