LINK Apprentice Program 1.0 successfully concluded by certificate ceremony

Dodeljeni su sertifikati prvoj generaciji polaznika ITAcademy, BusinessAcademy and Information Technology School (ITS) students who were part of LINK Apprentice Internship Program 1.0 received their certificates.

Svi praktikanti su uspešno završili obuku u kompaniji LINK group, a mnogi od njih sada su zaposleni u našoj kompaniji. Tako će, primera radi, polaznik ITAcademy Mladen Rakić ubuduće raditi u PHP timu, u kome je i bio na praksi, još jedan polaznik ITAcademy, Milan Petrović, postao je deo dizajnerskog tima, dok je studentkinja ITS-a Tijana Rusić zaposlena kao koordinator Center for Career Development where she was an intern.

LAP certificates constitute official confirmation that the students acquired practical skills in working in modern business conditions during the three-month training, and received highest grades from their mentors, as well as that they are fully prepared to take on and successfully realize work duties.

We started the LINK Apprentice Internship Program in order to provide ITAcademy, BusinessAcademy and ITS students an opportunity to acquire valuable work experience, upgrade their CVs through practice in one of the most successful international companies, and realize their professional goals.

All trainees who completed the LINK Apprentice Internship Program 1.0 expressed satisfaction that they were a part of this program and got an opportunity to learn something new, upgrade their qualifications and biographies, meet and cooperate with new people, and advance professionally. They also recommended to all their colleagues from ITAcademy, BusinessAcademy and ITS that they also take part in LAP program and receive valuable experience that can bring them crucial advantage during the selection process.

Miloš Radman - ITAcademy, Microsoft Development

(LINK group - C# tim)

- LAP is an excellent way to try out and advance the knowledge acquired during education in a professional environment. In the course of LAP, I learned many useful things and, I would say most importantly, their direct implementation in creation of concrete applications.

This program is an excellent way to learn professional rules in planning, creating and predicting possible changes and advancements of any application or system. I would recommend this program to everyone, because through working with competent persons who are always there to explain, help and teach you the work, you become prepared for any further project very quickly.”


Mladen Rakić - ITS, Informacione tehnologije

(LINK group - PHP Web Programming tim)

“Through participation in LAP, I had an opportunity to advance the knowledge acquired at ITAcademy and apply it in practice, and to work on interesting projects, using the latest technologies. The internship takes place in a professional and pleasant environment.

I met a team of professionals who are always willing and eager to help. Advantages of participation in LAP are work in real projects and support in work which you receive from elder colleagues. Also, I got a job at the multinational company LINK group, where my internship program took place, right away. Through applying for LAP, you will open the way for yourself for career advancement.”


Tijana Rusić - ITS, Informacione tehnologije i ITAcademy, Web Design

(LINK group - Centar za razvoj karijere)

“Participation in this project meant a lot to me, for my personal advancement, as well as regarding implementation of everything I learned at ITAcademy and ITS, and mostly because upon completion of the internship program I became a part of the team in which I had my training.

I would like to emphasize the exquisiteness of the conditions I worked in and the colleagues I cooperated with and whom I could ask for assistance. I would recommend to all my colleagues that they use the opportunity which not everyone gets, apply, and acquire high-quality, significant experience.”


Milan Petrović - ITAcademy, Web Design

(LINK group - Design tim)

”Besides having learned a lot about web design from my mentor Vuk Ninić during the three months of practice, I also became acquainted with what working at a big company is like.

Among other things, I participated in making and publishing of a new website, based on which I gained valuable experience with work on a concrete project.

I am especially happy because after completion of LAP I got another opportunity for career advanced and got a job in the very design team where my internship took place.”


Miloš Savatijević - ITAcademy, Microsoft Administration

(LINK group - tim IT administracije)

“I applied for LAP because I wanted to try some things I learned at ITAcademy in practice, and I ended by learning a lot more, with great dedication of my mentor, and was encouraged to perform tasks myself, which cannot be learned at school.

I would recommend everyone who is still unemployed to apply, because besides the opportunity to acquire work experience and learn something more, there is also the chance of work engagement at the end of the program.”


Nikola Cvijanović - ITAcademy, Microsoft Windows i Web Development

(LINK group - Web Editing & Internet Marketing tim)

”Practice at LINK group was very useful to me. Besides advancing my knowledge and using various tools and technologies, I met a lot of new people, experts in their profession.

I have nothing but words of praise to the entire LINK personnel, and especially the interesting and innovative team I cooperated with.

I recommend this program to anyone who is interested in gaining new, high-quality experience and new contacts.”


Tatjana Orlov - BusinessAcademy, Preduzetništvo

(LINK group - HR tim)

”I am very happy with the internship program. When it comes to the HR team, I got an opportunity to participate in interviewing candidates, I helped with their selection, and advanced my practical knowledge through everyday work at LINK group.

What I liked the most were the work I was doing, the colleagues, and the opportunity to acquire invaluable experience through working at a modern firm. I am thrilled with the program and I would like to thank LINK group for the opportunity to practically implement and advance knowledge acquired at BusinessAcademy.

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