Brainfinity in line for HundrED's top 100 innovations in the world!

The Brainfinity education model, designed and launched by the LINK edu Alliance, has been shortlisted among the top 100 educational innovations in the world, making Brainfinity yet another Alliance service whose quality has been internationally recognized.
The selection was made by HundrED, a renowned organization which focuses on educational innovations around the world and promotes the most promising ones. It is a great honor for Brainfinity to be among the most innovative ideas in the world that set the course for education at a global level.

What is Brainfinity and what makes it special?

Brainfinity is an innovative problem solving competition for elementary and high school students from all around the world, and a unique concept that has completely changed the way we perceive science. Four-member teams compete in solving problems designed in the style of well-known mysteries.
Problems are solved from different locations, which particularly inspires students by creating a positive attitude towards learning and problem solving. By moving them out of the classroom, logical tasks become more exciting and integrate logical thinking into real-life situations, which allows children to practice and implement their knowledge and skills. Therefore, Brainfinity is a significant step forward when it comes to creating a diverse, dynamic and modern world of education.

HundrED: A leader in the modernization of education

Hundred is a prestigious international non-profit organization based in Helsinki, Finland, whose mission is to enhance and modernize primary and secondary education around the world. The main activity of this organization is to carefully and thoroughly monitor educational innovations so as to make them more visible and influential at the global level.
By enabling innovators to present their projects outside their local community, HundrED, which comprises nearly 800 teachers, professors, educational consultants, students, and parents from more than 100 countries, acts as a crossroads for innovation whose interaction makes the world of education more comprehensive, modern and inspiring.

Brainfinity in line for Hundred Global Collection: Enhancing education locally and globally

Once a year, Hundred Global Collection shortlists the top 100 educational innovations in the world; this year, Brainfinity is fighting for this prestigious award.
After receiving annual reports in which ambassadors propose projects they believe meet the top 100 criteria, HundrED’s academic board, which comprises highly competent people from the world of education, makes the final selection of shortlisted candidates.
Since its first edition, the HundrED Global Collection selection has been aimed at projects that have proven to be functional and effective when it comes to positive change in education and have shown great potential for further development within a period of one year. 
This prestigious selection facilitates the transfer from local to global, thus increasing the chances for global advancement of educational activities. As a result, Brainfinity and the LINK edu Alliance will undoubtedly be recognized globally as an example of good practice when it comes to promoting problem solving, a skill identified by the World Economic Forum as a skill for the 21st century.
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