Another successful edition of Winter School of Programming and Design – coDEsign2017

We have witnessed yet another successful Winter School of Programming and Design, that has become a traditional coDEsign event organized by ITS and ITHS and a must-go to occasion in every IT event calendar. Future programmers and designers took the unique opportunity to become part of a selected IT crowd for a week and, along with first-rate lecturers, cover current topics in areas they are most interested in.

Diverse content for a new generation of programmers and designers

This year, we have also turned to young people, our future colleagues, who have developed a passion for programming and design. We did our best to keep that passion alive with features that relate to the latest trends in the world of IT.

Apart from the lectures, we organized interesting workshops aimed at acquiring practical skills, as well as fun competitions. All those interested in acquiring useful skills in programming and design who were unable to attend the lectures, could watch a Live stream of the lecture free of charge.

CoDEsign2017 was officially opened by ITS and ITHS director, prof. dr Bojan Ristić, who introduced the participants to the program. More importantly, he encouraged the interest of these young programmers and designers and congratulated them on their choice.

Topics covered at the lectures and workshops

The comprehensive assortment of lectures and workshops gave everyone an opportunity to find something that attracts them the most. On the first day, the participants of the Winter School attended lectures on launching online businesses in Serbia, the use of the Big Data case technology, online advertising and IP telephony. Workshop attendees learned how to use Google Drive in classes and how to create web apps.

On Tuesday, the second day of coDEsign, we discussed the possibility to earn money in IT, the most sought-after areas in the IT industry, free software, the use of mathematics in transferring information...In the workshops, we learned about creating websites in WordPress and logos in Illustrator, and we discussed hardware components in laptops.

On Wednesday, February 8th, the topics included the use of software packages in making investment decisions, Data Science technology and the limitations in developing computer hardware. In the workshops, we practiced interesting skills: working in PHP, Autodesk and Photoshop.

On Thursday, February 9th, which was the penultimate day of the event, the participants attended interesting lectures on the need for digital certificates in various fields, the challenges of software development in the 21st century, cybercrime, the video game industry and everything regarding the use of telephones as payment cards. In the workshops, we refreshed drawings in Adobe Animate, created websites in WordPress and animations in JavaScript.

The following lectures took place on the final, fifth day of the Winter School of Programming and Design: Mathematics in sports results prediction, Big Data – life divided into centiseconds, Development with C# – today and tomorrow, and Digital forensics. Workshop attendees had the opportunity to create their first images in Photoshop, design logos in Illustrator and create their first websites using HTML and CSS.

Throughout the programming and design week, coDEsign2017, numerous primary and secondary school students heard first-hand what it's like to study at ITS, listened to lectures given by experts from the most successful companies and did practical work in interesting workshops.

The lecturers, whose presence and interesting lectures contributed to the significance of the event and delighted the attendees, comprised experts from the most successful companies including, to name a few, Google, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Sentinel Software, ITS and ITHS lecturers.


Certificates awarded at the end of the successful coDEsign week

All the participants of CoDEsign2017 received certificates. In addition to valuable knowledge, the participants of the coDEsign2017 Winter School of Programming and Design acquired this valuable document that will serve as a significant contribution to their CVs.

Having gained insight into the quality level at ITS and ITHS, many of the attendees of the programming and design school, who were delighted with the modern equipment in the classrooms, accentuated their willingness to continue their education at some of our programs.

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