OK Matematika is the most successful system that makes you love math and master it fully!


This project has become one of the most successful endeavours of LINK Business Incubator. In this unique learning system for the young, LINK group recognized the imperative of the need for contemporary approach to mathematics, and decided to provide full support to advancement of education in this way, too.

Thanks to this support and cooperation, the idea of contemporary mathematics has proven as a quite successful enterprise, which resulted in high-quality, applicable mathematical knowledge and numerous students’ success.

Mathematics is very important – in school, in higher education, at work, in life in general. This is why we need to learn it and perfect it, but – the way in which we do it is very important, too. Numerous users’ experiences demonstrate and prove that OK Matematika is an ideal way to learn mathematics.

This project can be useful to everyone: first-grader, eighth-grader preparing for exam, high school student, middle-aged person, a retired person, simply - it will be useful and helpful to everyone who wants to learn mathematics through a new and original approach.

Mathematics is not hard - on the contrary. Everyone is capable of studying and learning, because – nature gave us all that capability. OK Mathematics will help you “bring out” the mathematical logic and the mathematical way of thinking that exist in each of us.


How does OK Matematika work?

This exceptionally successful project believes that the right path to knowledge comprises active learning and exercise, rather than just one-sided lecturing. We believe that this way of learning is original and efficient. Experience has confirmed it many times. Because mathematics is not just an infinity of formulas and hard problems. It is very logical and simple when explained the right way. And once we understand this way, it will be easy to solve any problem.

That is why OK Matematika is the right solution for anyone who wants to approach this science the right way.

Classes are held in a hi-tech environment. Students do not sit in rows, but learn together around a big table. Years of experience in teaching mathematics tell us that, because of affinity toward the Internet, virtual communication, and new technologies, an online classroom is closer and more interesting to students, while at the same time providing the same, or even better and more expressive, quality in the learning process compared to traditional education we have become used to.

The teacher is in the OK Matematika classroom, while the student is at home or anywhere with internet access, in front of own computer.

Electronic notebook, which has been used in the West for years now as an excellent tool in learning mathematics and which has recently been introduced in teaching only in certain schools, has provided very high results within this system of learning.

However, besides this mode of learning, OK Matematika also provides the possibility of scheduling private classes over the Internet, while said classes themselves can be held either in a classroom or online, depending on your wishes and needs.


OK Matematika is a school with a smile.


OK Matematika is a school with a smile. Because a school is not made of walls - the school is made of those who teach and you who learn.

School is made of your knowledge and your success. School is made of the pleasure you take in what you have learned.

OK Matematika teachers are always there for all your questions, all your problems. All you need to do is register and you will have the fastest possible and best help with learning mathematics..
A special bonus for OK Matematika users are free English and German language classes.


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