Reach the desired job and success with Fakulteti Srbije project!


LINK group company provided support for business realization of this idea, holding that education and advancement of young people in Serbia are of invaluable importance. Within LINK Business Incubator, a unique program of support for young entrepreneurs, which believes that talent and knowledge deserve an opportunity, this business idea took a step towards its goal.


How does portal Fakulteti Srbije work and what does it provide?

We know that it is very important that the education we choose should be in accordance with our abilities, personality traits, our wishes and inclinations, in order for us to be able to enjoy it, and therefore achieve better results, be more productive and more successful.
Portal Faculties of Serbia contains all the necessary information on faculties and higher education institutions that will be useful to every high school student on the way to the desired future.
This project actually constitutes an extension of the popular website, which helps last year elementary school students with srednje-skole enrollment.


You want to get answers to questions that are bothering you?

✓  Is it important to me in which city I will enroll at a faculty?
✓  Is it important to me whether it is a private or a public faculty?
✓  Will this be entirely up to me to decide?
✓  Is it really the kind of work I want to do?

Portal Fakulteti Srbije is a place that will help you find best answers to these questions, as well as many others.  


Besides information on all public and private faculties and other higher education institutions in Serbia, the site also provides an enrollment schedule with the most important dates, the number of points needed for the desired faculty, tuition costs and scholarship options. Website visitors can also find interesting information from all over the world, various news on student events, fun facts and videos.
Consult with one another and older fellow students, ask for help and advice!


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