LINK group is accredited by Cambridge International Examinations as a Cambridge International School, with reference number EA016. LINK group is also the only accredited Cambridge Professional Development Centre for professional training and certification of teachers in these parts.  
Thanks to this, the students at the institutions that are included in the LINK group education system, as well as all the interested teachers, have the opportunity to attend accredited Cambridge programs and acquire the prestigious diplomas and certificates of this university, one of the most esteemed in the world.

Ticket for prestigious universities and companies

Education at Savremena International School, ITHS, ITS, Dositej college, ITAcademy, BusinessAcademy and InternetAcademy provides the students with an opportunity to acquire, besides practical knowledge and skills, an international confirmation of their qualifications, which will provide the possibility of a profitable career, and an advantage when it comes to taking their education further, or seeking employment.
LINK group received this accreditation based on fulfilling of the strict criteria at all its educational institutions, which implies top-competence teaching personnel, adequate curriculum, modern classrooms and equipment, and top-level security measures.

Cambridge business program 

LINK group’s BusinessAcademy offers its students education according to the Cambridge business program, so that the students can acquire advanced business knowledge in marketing, sales, management, finance, organization and project management.
Also, upon completion of any of the BusinessAcademy programs, the students can acquire Cambridge International A&AS Level Business certificates that bring new possibilities regarding work at large companies. These certificates can also be attained by the students of the Dositej college.


International Cambridge program at Savremena International School

LINK group’s Savremena International School is accredited for teaching according to the international Cambridge program, after which the students acquire the prestigious ICE and AICE diplomas that open the door of the world’s most renowned faculties. By attending the Cambridge program, the students of Savremena International School are educated according to the IGCSE level during the first two years, while the other two are reserved for the A-levels program. Upon completion of the first two years (or, speaking in Cambridge terms, Year 9 and Year 10), Savremena’s students acquire the ICE diploma, whereas upon completion of the 4th grade (Year 12), they acquire the widely recognized AICE diploma.
Savremena International School is also accredited as a Cambridge Primary School, which means that it is authorized to teach according to the Cambridge program not only for the secondary school students, but also for primary school level students. The teaching at Savremena International School unfolds according to the curriculum designed at Cambridge center for international examinations, and fulfills the highest global standards important for the students’ future.  

Certificates for professional advancement

Upon completion of their education, ITAcademy and InternetAcademy students can acquire internationally recognized high-level Cambridge International A&AS Level Computer Science and Cambridge International A&AS Level Business certificates. They constitute an important confirmation of the knowledge and skills acquired through learning at these educational institutions, and a recommendation for potential employers and further training.
Through education at ITS (Information Technology School), another of our higher education institutions, students also have an opportunity to acquire widely recognized Cambridge International certificates, as a guarantee that they possess the highest level of knowledge. This certificate guarantees them an advantage concerning employment, as well as a chance for further professional advancement.

Teacher training according to the Cambridge program

LINK group is also accredited as a Cambridge Professional Development Centre for professional training of teachers in primary, secondary and higher education. As confirmation of the acquisition of modern knowledge transfer techniques, the teachers can receive two globally recognized certificates: Cambridge International Certificate in Teaching & Learning and Cambridge International Certificate in Teaching Bilingual Learners.
Teaching personnel training is directly linked to the quality of education offered to the students. This is why LINK group has placed emphasis on teacher training, too, in order to elevate the entire education system to an even higher level.