Twenty free training programs awarded to persons with disabilities at official ceremony at City Assembly

LINK group has continued to organize projects with a socially responsible emphasis. For almost ten consecutive years, through the LINK LEARNING FOUNDATION program, and in cooperation with the City of Belgrade, 20 persons with disabilities receive free training programs at our educational institutions – ITAcademy (LINK Academy in Romania), BusinessAcademy and InternetAcademy. The total value of the training programs is approximately €40,000.
In total, 20 training programs were awarded – eight in Serbia, and six in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Romania each.

Official ceremony at the Assembly of the City of Belgrade

The official ceremony for the recipients in Serbia was held at the Assembly of the City of Belgrade, and the vouchers for the online courses were handed out by Mr. Dragomir Petronijević, a member of the City Council, and Mr. Goran Mitić, the director of the LINK Examinations Institute and the manager of BusinessAcademy.
The recipients of these valuable online courses in Serbia are:
1.    Jelena Marić from Užice
2.    Luka Joksimović Barbat from Belgrade
3.    Anastasija Savić from Paraćin
4.    Nina Miodragović from Zemun
5.    Mihajlo Lukić from Ležimir – Sremska Mitrovica
6.    Jovan Kulevski from Novi Sad
7.    Lazar Čolić from Ruma
8.    Milan Živković from Pirot
They will attend the programs online, through the state-of-the-art Distance Learning platform and the mobile app for online learning, which enable them to acquire practical knowledge and skills at any location, with full support from the teachers and mentors, meaning they will have the same experience as if they were attending the lessons in the classroom.
During the ceremony, Dragomir Petronijević stressed that he was proud of the cooperation between the City of Belgrade and LINK group.
The City of Belgrade and LINK group have had an excellent cooperation for several years. I am pleased that we are traditionally hosting the ceremony for awarding free training programs to persons with disabilities. I am very glad that the regional leader in education is organizing their events right here in Belgrade. Persons with disabilities are very important to us, and their position in society, especially with regard to employment, is our priority. The online mode of schooling, i.e. learning at home, helps them become competitive, earn their money and work for big companies – said Dragomir Petronijević.
The director of the LINK Examinations Institute and the manager of BusinessAcademy, Mr. Goran Mitić, stressed the importance of these training programs for persons with disabilities.
I am pleased with the fact that our educational institutions have taken part in this campaign, as was the case in previous years. This way, we give our contribution to the improvement of the position of people with disabilities in terms of their options for professional development aimed at making them competitive on the labor market. Each school year, we have had students from this category, and we strive to adjust our resources and mode of schooling to their needs as much as possible – said Goran Mitić.

Success stories from last year’s recipients motivate future students

At the City Assembly, future students of ITAcademy, BusinessAcademy and InternetAcademy watched five-minute videos about last-year’s recipients of free training programs, which motivate them to do their best and complete the online courses. The examples of Aladin Kavgić from Tuzla, who became a graphic and video designer after completing an ITAcademy course, and Nikola Kovačević from Užice, a BusinessAcademy student who has since become an entrepreneur, showed them that investing in knowledge always pays off.

Exchanging ideas and useful advice at the City Assembly

The main goal of this campaign has been to enable online access to practical knowledge and skills to people who wish to excel in the most profitable and sought-after professions today.
In their letters of motivation, the winners explained the reasons why they should be the ones to receive the free training programs, and the free online courses went to those with the strongest motivation.
At the ceremony held at the City Assembly, the recipients exchanged experiences, engaged in networking and shared their business ambitions and ideas.

Guidelines for launching and enhancing your career

Prior to the award ceremony, Tanja Božić, a representative from the Center for Career Development (CCD) gave a presentation on this institution. She talked about the ways to launch and enhance your career after school, giving the future students valuable advice and useful guidelines.
LINK group would like to congratulate the recipients, hoping they will use the benefits, knowledge and skills gained at our educational institutions in the best possible manner. We encourage all the candidates to submit their applications for the next school year, and wish them plenty of luck in the next round.
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