Winners of free scholarships for students with disabilities for 2022/23

The winners of free scholarships for 2022 which the LINKgroup company awards every year for students with disabilities have been selected. The program of financial support for students with disabilities is carried out in four countries – Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Romania and Moldova, and candidates can choose between programs at ITAcademy, BusinessAcademy, InternetAcademy and LINK Academy. 
The selection process is never easy and this year was no exception. We have received a number of applications and selected 20 candidates who will receive free scholarships with a total value of 40,000 euros.
In addition to the candidates who will receive one-year scholarships for the programs of their choice, this year, we have decided to reward ALL applicants by gifting them with a free one-month online course in any area they are interested in. 

List of winners of free scholarships:

  1. Milica Đorđević, Leskovac – ITAcademy
  2. Ena Todorović, Beograd – BusinessAcademy
  3. Vladimir Bakanj, Niš – ITAcademy, Željka Oparnica, Beograd – ITAcademy 50% free scholarship
  4. Nikola Sarić, Ruma – BusinessAcademy
  5. Julka Jelić Lopušina, Vrbas – InternetAcademy
  6. Stefan Radovanović, Smederevska Palanka – ITAcademy
  7. Marko Zeljković, Novi Žednik – ITAcademy
  8. Miloš Zlatković, Beograd – ITAcademy – tuition fee reduction by 50%
Bosnia & Herzegovina:
  1. Magbula Terzić, Tuzla – BusinessAcademy
  2. Mine Šabić, Bosanska Krupa – BusinessAcademy
  3. Negrin Mulahalilović, Brčko – BusinessAcademy
  4. Nedim Muhić, Sarajevo – ITAcademy
  5. Lejla Uzunović, Sarajevo – ITAcademy
  6. Almedin Mraković, Sarajevo – ITAcademy
  7. Mersad Musagić, Sarajevo, ITAcademy
Romania and Moldova:
  1. Anastasia Suslov, Bălți, R. Moldova – BusinessAcademy
  2. Mihaela Pogurschi, Chișinău, R. Moldova – LINK Academy
  3. Rodica Mihaela Pasere, Brașov, România – LINK Academy
  4. Judea Sorin, Sânnicolau Mare, România – LINK Academy
  5. Laura Cornea, Victoria, România – LINK Academy
We would like to congratulate everyone who is on this list, and sincerely wish that this education will really help them in individualization, competitiveness in the labor market and achieving their desired goals.  
We would like to ask all of you who have not qualified for free scholarships this year to send you applications again after January 1, 2023, in order to be shortlisted for the next year – persistence and perseverance are certainly among the selection criteria. You will find all the information regarding the program of financial support for students with disabilities HERE.
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