"Virtual Career and Knowledge Days" at BusinessAcademy and ITAcademy

On October 22, LINK group hosted two very interesting panels as part of the online "Virtual Career and Knowledge Days 2016" employment fair, organized by Infostud and supported by BusinessAcademy and ITAcademy.
At the first panel, ITAcademy and BusinessAcademy students and other visitors interested in the topic listened to experienced HR experts from leading companies talk about the significance of practice in relation to gaining valuable experience and securing a job.
The second panel dealt with the comparison between the values of formal and non-formal education. The participants in the panel who achieved success through formal and non-formal education talked about the advantages and disadvantages of these two forms of education. The following people participated in the panels: Uroš Nedeljković (lawyer, traveler), Jelena Radovanović (blogger, internet entrepreneur), Ivan Ćosić (designer, creative, blogger and lecturer) and Vladimir Pandurov (consultant, entrepreneur, lecturer, award-winning author).
"Virtual career and knowledge days 2016" is a regional online employment and education fair. This year, job seekers could once more apply from their homes for more than 200 advertised jobs and internships.
ITAcademy and BusinessAcademy also had stands at the fair, where visitors could win valuable PHP, Photoshop or English courses.
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