Unique in the region: LINK Android applications for distance learning

We are continually in step with development of mobile technology, providing our students with teaching supported by state of the art software solutions and tools. For 15 years, we have been successfully providing professional education, and we continue to make teaching at our educational institutions even more advanced, solid and interesting.

In accordance with these principles, we have started something unique and revolutionary in the field of education in these parts again.

We created Android applications for mobile phones and tablet devices in order to advance elements of the learning process even further and use the possibilities brought about by new mobile technologies and the Internet in the best possible way.

Instead from books and notebooks, our educational institutions’ students can now learn through a mobile telephone or tablet computer, too, which allows them maximum freedom in studying and expands the traditional classroom experience.

Free Android applications provide managing of courses; access to teaching modules, lessons and multimedia content; acquisition of study materials; following of lectures via live stream; testing.

Among numerous advantages of using such applications are the facts that students use the latest teaching methods in their learning, regardless of where they are, and have the possibility of continual communication with colleagues and teachers.

This way of learning facilitates adoption of new knowledge and increases motivation for studying and advancement.

Visit Google Play store and download LINK Android applications completely free of charge.


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