A new member of the LINKgroup family: Primary School Savremena, the most modern primary school in the region, opens its doors

The LINKgroup family welcomed its newest member: another successful project that fosters an innovative educational practice. On September 2, the truly different Primary School Savremena in New Belgrade opened its doors to the first class of primary school students.
What distinguishes Savremena as the leader in education in the region is the globally recognized methodology and innovative technology used in teaching. This unique process is a modern education model developed by Savremena’s founder LINKgroup, an international company with more than 20 years of success in education. 

A warm welcome for Savremena’s first class of students

At the official reception, the students showed that this is a school you go to with a smile on your face and entered the world of contemporary education.
Everyone greeted the first school bell. The entertaining and educational program ensured the children would forever remember the first day of school; a day in which they entered the world of learning, friendship, games, new experiences and knowledge necessary for the 21st century.

The family-friendly environment delights parents and students from day one

The warm welcome brought out a smile from everyone and the parents were once again assured their children were on the right path, where top quality education makes them happy and prepares them to be successful in this ever-changing age.
The principal of this unique institution, Jasmina Franolić, thanked everyone who contributed to this great project, including the parents who are indispensable in their children’s education and whose voice is heard and valued at Savremena. Also, she underlined the expertise of her colleagues and their readiness to do what they do best: teach and take care of our children.

Primary school students embark on a truly modern adventure

The school showed its joyous nature in front of the understandably nervous first-graders encouraged by the hugs from their very first teacher. The kids were also delighted by the magician – another participant in the program – whose act included unusual tricks accompanied by cutting-edge technology the students will use throughout their education.
This is why Savremena welcomed its first class of students who will acquire information literacy from the first grade, thus making their first steps in the IT world.
Art and culture marked this unforgettable reception. The students watched performances by  ballerinas, reciters, ice skaters and a guitar player, delightedly emulating the moves they will be learning at school as part of the specially prepared additional activities and clubs.

Comprehensive education for the future in a truly different primary school

LINKgroup brought its big project – Primary School Savremena – to fruition by relying on the latest global achievements in education and by developing an innovative, flexible and student-oriented approach. The personalized approach to teaching places emphasis on the interests, talents and abilities of each individual child.
The approach to education fostered by Savremena is flexible and ever-changing, enabling the students to acquire 21st-century skills that will help them successfully respond to future challenges. An inspirational environment for developing multiple intelligences, a creative approach to education, dedicated teachers and a partnership  with the parents are just some of the factors that make Savremena truly different and form part of the innovative educational practice.

Preparing children for 21st-century challenges

Savremena is a Future Ready School, and the key ingredient in the life of this unique school are the primary school students in blue, green, red and yellow t-shirts who have built an affiliation with the school and established firm friendships from day one. A joyful, entertaining and educational atmosphere is just the beginning. The fulfillment of the teachers, students and parents will be fostered throughout the adventure that is Savremena, a place where comprehensive education is guaranteed for each student.
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