LINKedu for Employees: LINKgroup’s unique professional development program

LINKgroup and its educational service, CompanyAcademy, are launching LINKedu for Employees, a unique concept providing employees with limitless possibilities for professional development and education.
As a company specializing in education, LINKgroup knows that it is only through advancement, lifelong learning and personal development that the company and its employees can grow, and that investing in employees is the best possible business investment. LINKedu for Employees is one of the most important steps in that direction.

A comprehensive database available to employees

The educational solution provided by LINKgroup’s CompanyAcademy is intended for the professional development and education of employees through several models. Employees have at their disposal online and video courses on the Distance Learning Platform, as well as different in-house, traditional and blended training programs.
Given that we constantly strive towards our mission – to help people become more successful – we want the same and more for our employees. We wish them more knowledge, skills, success and even better professional competences. This comprehensive knowledge is provided in the form of a large database available on our Distance Learning Platform, a unique platform in this region.
Proffesional Development
Through the LINKedu for Employees program, we are making the database available to all LINKgroup employees. This means that employees can choose between more than 400 online and video courses in 12 profitable areas: IT, sales, business, HR, marketing, production, design, management, administration (network), languages, information literacy, and soft skills. The database will become even more enhanced, as we plan to update it and expand it with new courses. 

Professional development through the LINKedu for Employees program

Each LINKgroup employee has an account on the DL Platform. On a monthly basis, they can choose different courses in accordance with their line of work, interests and potential for development and advancement.
Employees can select a limitless number of courses pertaining to their department, the sole condition being the successful realization of previous courses.
LINKedu for Employees allows employees to choose their own work pace and schedule in accordance with their possibilities.

Together towards success

We are sure that LINKedu for Employees courses will help employees in their individual development, enabling them to revise, gain new skills and improve their performance, thus advancing their professional competences.
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