LINK group and BusinessAcademy partners of international #PRilika 2018 conference

LINK group and BusinessAcademy partnered with this year’s international #PRilika 2018 conference, establishing long-term cooperation.
This year, BusinessAcademy partnered with the Case Study student competition taking place as part of the conference, providing valuable prizes for the winners.
At #CASESTUDY 2018, the students’ task was to create a communication campaign aimed at increasing the visibility and positioning of BusinessAcademy, and the winning teams received one-year training programs of their choice. 

#PRilika – traditional meeting of PR experts

#PRilika, an international conference organized by the Serbian Public Relations Association (DSOJ), has become a traditional annual meeting of PR experts. In the past eight years, around 3,000 PR workers, lecturers and sponsors participated in the PRilika conference.
The topics at this year’s conference held under the slogan The Art of Communication included design, technology, innovation, ethics in communication, regional festivals, measuring the success of PR campaigns, etc.
The conference is held each year with the aim of providing a better understanding of how communication works in 2018, and what kind of transformations in communication we can expect in the following years.

Notable role of Faculty of Contemporary Arts

The Faculty of Contemporary Arts (FSU), one of LINK group’s educational institutions, was also an important part of this year’s international #PRilika conference. Petar Stanojlović, a professor at FSU and head of the Art Production and Media Management Department, participated in the discussion entitled Ethics in Communication, which generated substantial interest among both the students and the experienced PR experts. 
FSU’s student team The Storytellers won second place at #CASESTUDY 2018.
FSU’s PhD students had an exhibition of paintings in the lobby of the Hilton which hosted the event. The exhibition delighted all the attendees.
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