LINK edu Alliance’s great success: Primary School Savremena wins the international STE(A)M IT competition

Primary School Savremena, which is a part of LINK edu Alliance, found its place among the winners of the international primary and secondary school competition STE(A)M IT, held as part of the “STEM Discovery Campaign” for the year 2021, organized by “Scientix”.
Among the fierce competition that consisted of primary and secondary schools from almost all over the world, the Savremena team, consisting of the Computer Science and ICT starters teacher Ira Tuba and teacher Danica Nikolić, was announced as one of the winners owing to their project “Economic and social benefits of recycling”.

Savremena was the only school from Serbia to rank this high, which is a great honor for this institution, LINK edu Alliance, and for our country.

Renowned international community of STEM educators

“Scientix” is a well-known international community whose objective is to promote science and STEM education in Europe. Numerous initiatives, innovative projects and international competitions are just some of the ways in which “Scientix” preserves and broadens the comprehensive cooperation among STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) teachers, educators, policy creators and other researchers in education.

This year’s STE(A)M IT competition was designated for secondary and primary schools from all over the world. They presented their projects, classroom examples and successful STE(A)M educational stories to members of the international selection committee, while the winners were awarded with valuable certifications and obtained numerous benefits for their institutions.

An innovative fusion of STEM knowledge and ecological awareness

Students and teachers from Primary School Savremena are famous for a number of activities and initiatives by means of which they actively contribute to raising awareness of ecological values and the necessity of environment protection. This is why Savremena is an authentic “green” school and stands as a positive example of good ecological practice.

Furthermore, this is the only primary school in the region that is fully equipped for performing STEM classes in accordance with global standards, since it contains a well-equipped STEAM LAB, LEGO STEM sets, latest technology, as well as problem-solving and project lessons. Owing to this, the knowledge that Savremena primary students obtain does not lag behind the knowledge with which their peers are equipped in the best world-class schools.
The winning project “Economic and social benefits of recycling” represents a fusion of these approaches in Savremena: ecology and STEAM knowledge.
The students’ task was to explore ways in which STEM knowledge can be implemented into the process of solving the problem of waste recycling. By presenting interesting facts about recycling on an interactive whiteboard and encouraging active participation by all students, Savremena students were encouraged to creatively apply contemporary technology with the aim of solving ecological issues and taking part in actions regarding environment protection.
The importance of this topic, innovative solutions and successful implementation of STEM principles into the teaching process are main reasons why this year’s selection committee chose Savremena’s project to be a winning one at the STE(A)M IT competition.

Savremena becomes important part of the international STEM community

Thanks to this achievement, Savremena has taken a very prominent and recognized place in the international community of STEM institutions and educators.
Such a momentous result will bring to Savremena and its teachers and students an abundance of acknowledgements and benefits:
  • a place in the prestigious “Scientix” repository and the STE(A)M IT portal;
  • VIP membership in STE(A)M IT Career Advisors Network, which entails attending exclusive trainings, STEM events, and participating in workshops that will significantly improve the understanding of STEM and STEM skills in class;
  • Savremena becomes part of the Scientix STEM community and is given an exclusive opportunity to promote international STEM events, which increases its visibility on a worldwide level;
  • attending an international seminar together with STEAM Alliance professionals on the topic “Integrated STEM Teaching”.
In this way Primary School Savremena, as part of LINK edu Alliance, will be able to further improve its STEAM lessons, and this will mostly be significant for its students.

Keeping up with the world’s best schools

The triumph achieved by teachers Ira Tuba and Danica Nikolić who represented Savremena and LINK edu Alliance is a momentous acknowledgement of their work, their efforts and endless devotion to students, and also their own improvement.
At the same time, this is also an acknowledgement of high standards that are maintained and applied in practice both in Savremena and in all other LINK edu Alliance institutions. In this prestigious community each teacher is strongly encouraged to take all necessary actions in order to improve and provide their students with high-quality lessons.
At Primary School Savremena and LINK edu Alliance, we cultivate the most contemporary teaching methodologies and approaches, and besides devotion, its teachers are equipped with the highest competencies which enable them to compete with teachers from far more developed countries. In other words: in all LINK edu Alliance institutions students can expect the teaching staff to be ready to do everything that is necessary for their success.
We would like to congratulate teachers and students of Savremena!
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