International School once again keeps up with modern education: Cambridge Lower Secondary programme for the first time in LINK edu Alliance schools

International School and LINK edu Alliance have once again shown their credibility and competency to keep the status of the most contemporary school in the region when it comes to international educational standards.
Cambridge International in collaboration with the Ministry of Education has officially accredited International School to implement the Cambridge International Lower Secondary programme into their educational system. Consequently, International School became the highest-qualified educational institution for Cambridge education in the entire region.
Thanks to this accreditation, International School is no longer just a secondary school, but has also introduced lower secondary levels, which means that the school can now be attended by students aged from 11 to 19. In this way, LINK edu Alliance enables their students to obtain high-quality, internationally recognised knowledge from their earliest age, and this opens the doors to the most prestigious secondary schools across the globe, as well as to a prestigious academic education.

Programme that gives students a chance for global success

The Cambridge International Lower Secondary programme is designed for students aged 11–14, i.e. for Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9 (which correspond to the 6th, 7th and 8th grade according to Serbian standards).
What makes this programme significantly different from other programmes with similar concepts is an extremely rich and comprehensive British-based curriculum. This curriculum provides students with a wide array of subjects crucial for their success in a contemporary world, which are connected by means of interdisciplinary innovative approaches in the teaching process. Students can expect a carefully and thoroughly conceived blend of foreign languages, sciences, digital technologies and many other important skills and competencies, by which they meet all necessary requirements for becoming versatile people in the world of contemporary competencies.
All lessons are held in English, which constitutes an ideal opportunity for students to acquire foreign language skills and practise fluent communication from an early age, which is also important for handling international surroundings.
While attending the Cambridge Lower Secondary programme, students continually receive constructive feedback from their teachers by having the opportunity to take various tests which monitor their progress. After completing the above tests, students obtain certificates and diplomas that serve as relevant qualifications for further education on a global level.

Customised learning aiming at students’ talents and life quality

The programme has been shaped so as to focus all the attention to nurturing skills and knowledge that students can organise according to their own preferences. In this manner, students can focus on those competencies that best fit their sensibility and objectives. The mere access to the teaching process within the Cambridge Lower Secondary programme is holistic and it values the development of knowledge, creativity, life and social skills, and gives students a feeling of overall prosperity. This is how we build competencies and focus a students’ personality with the aim of developing their fundamental characteristics that are also necessary for success beyond school.

LINK edu Alliance and International School’s mission: best education according to global standards

As usual, all educational institutions in the LINK edu Alliance group successfully continue to follow their vision of enabling best-quality education that is internationally recognised all around the world. This is why LINK edu Alliance as an institution strives to establish firm partnerships with the most renowned companies, educational organisations and institutions, with the aim of giving its students an accredited and credible knowledge that meets the highest world’s criteria.
Partnership with Cambridge Assessment International Education is extremely significant for our company since it enables us to teach according to the Cambridge programme, which helps us to maintain our international reputation among educational institutions.
Introducing the Cambridge International Lower Secondary programme has once again confirmed our devoted work in the field of education, and corroborated the fact that we create education conditions that meet the highest criteria.


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