International memberships and partnerships that guarantee high quality of education provided by LINKgroup

Due to the exceptional quality of education services provided by the educational institutions within LINKgroup, and the high standards and rigorous requirements they continue to meet, LINKgroup is happy to report another year as a partner and member of the world’s most esteemed organizations.
LINKgroup has established new partnerships and memberships, such as International Project Management Association – IPMA and IPMA Serbia, Authorized PSI Assessment Center, European Digital Learning Network and London Chamber of Commerce and Industry. 
At the same time, the renewed well-established partnerships with important international education and qualification institutions continue to serve as another proof of the company’s dedication to operating in accordance with the highest global standards; these include: Cambridge Assessment International Education, Cambridge Assessment English, Chartered Institute of Marketing and Human Resource Certification Institute.

International Project Management Association partnership and membership – IPMA and IPMA Serbia

International Project Management Association – IPMA is a global leader in professional certification of project managers, which works with over 70 national organizations worldwide. Their certificate is at the level of the highest global standard for project managers and constitutes irrefutable evidence of the holder’s knowledge and abilities, in addition to being a prerequisite for work in this field.

LINKgroup has established a partnership with IPMA at the global level and became a member of IPMA Serbia, which confirms that we have fulfilled the exceptionally high requirements which these esteemed institutions place upon their partners. 

LINKgroup Sarajevo becomes an Authorized PSI Assessment Center

LINKgroup’s branch in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina have become an Authorized PSI Assessment Center, which means that it is authorized for testing and certification in business, IT and the English language.

For over 70 years, PSI Services has been a global leader in online testing programs crucial for a number of sectors, with exquisite results in IT, aviation, finance, health care and production. 

Serbia’s only company in European Digital Learning Network (DLearn)

LINKgroup has become the only company in Serbia which is a member of the prestigious European Digital Learning Network (DLearn), the leading global network that brings together preeminent organizations and experts in order to find solutions to the complex challenges of the digital age through the advancement of education and providing the option of digital learning. DLearn and its partners initiate and participate in a number international initiatives, projects and activities, aiming to promote digital education in all parts of Europe.

DLearn logo
Membership in this prestigious organization is another acknowledgement and confirmation of LINKgroup’s dedication to making contemporary education fit for 21st century needs accessible to all. 

New accreditation for LINKgroup, Bucharest

LINKgroup’s Bucharest branch has received an accreditation to operate as a London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) – Approved Examination Centre, which means that, going forward, students and candidates in Romania will be able to take LCCI examinations in business, marketing, digital marketing, sales and PR.

London Chamber of Commerce and Industry has served as an internationally recognized certification association for over a century. Ever since its founding in 1881, LCCI has recognized and acted upon the need for the advancement of commercial and professional education along with learning foreign languages. LCCI certificates encompass work-related, professional and English language certificates that are recognized by a large number of employers, governments and universities all over the world. 

LINKgroup’s long-term partner: Cambridge Assessment International Education

Cambridge has been LINKgroup’s partner for a number of years, as our company continues to need the rigorous requirements of this prestigious international institution, and this cooperation continues to flourish through renewed partnership.

Cambridge International certificates cover a range of professional qualifications designed for people who want to advance their career or level of education. These qualifications focus on a number of profession-specific areas, including ICT, business and management, and they speak about the holder’s expertise in marketing and sales, management, finance, organization, project management. It is common knowledge that Cambridge qualifications are held in high regard all over the world. 

Many years as Cambridge Assessment English Authorized Center

Through successful cooperation with Cambridge Assessment English, for a number of years, LINKgroup has held its status of a Cambridge Assessment English Authorized Center for Cambridge English examinations and English language assessment.

Cambridge English
Cambridge Assessment English is a part of UK’s Cambridge University’s examination department and a key provider of international English language programs and qualifications in over 130 countries. It is well known that Cambridge Assessment English insists on a unique approach to English language learning and assessment though a number of examination and preparation centers all over the world. Cambridge English qualifications are recognized by over 20,000 universities, employers and state administration organs all over the world. 

LINKgroup is one of 200 Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) accreditation centers

Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) from Great Britain is a prestigious international organization for professional education and certification of experts in marketing and business. CIM certificates are recognized all over the world and serve as the best confirmation of knowledge and expertise in marketing.

For years, LINKgroup has been among the 200 accreditation centers in the entire world that offer a path to the most prestigious international certificate in marketing. In the recent period, thanks to LINKgroup’s high standards, this cooperation has been renewed and advanced. 

Human Resource Certification Institute – HRCI

For a number of years, LINKgroup has been providing professional certification to HR managers through the highest level of partnership with the world’s leading institute for HR certification, the Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI) from the USA. As LINKgroup meets the conditions required for this prestigious status, the partnership with HRCI continues, as do the possibilities when it comes to the certification of our students.

It is well known how esteemed HRCI certification is among the directors and professionals in HR departments all over the world. This is why over 250,000 HR professionals worldwide have acquired these valued qualifications and their number continues to grow. 

We cherish proven partnerships and set new challenges

While we proudly and joyfully look at our achievements and the realized collaborations at the international level, we keep setting new challenges for ourselves. We are always on the lookout for new partnerships, striving to fulfill the high criteria for quality, driven by the desire to provide our students with top-quality contemporary education, as well as a wealth of options when it comes to international qualification and certification.
Accordingly, going forward, LINKgroup will keep pushing boundaries in education and offering new opportunities to everyone involved in the process.
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