Family Day to remember at Savremena

On three occasions so far, on 24 November, 22 December and 19 January, SPONE Simulation System and Primary School Savremena held a free Family Day for parents and children aged 5 to 12 at the premises of Savremena Gimnazija at Masarikova Street.
Family Day, an event for the entire family, dedicated to modern education, creative workshops and entertainment, also provided the parents with an expert evaluation of their children’s development.

A series of interesting activities for an unforgettable experience

Family Day provided numerous IT “toys” for the kids. The little ones were most fascinated by the robots, while the VR headset not only took them on a tour around the world, allowing them to visit China, London, Paris, Dubai and Egypt, but also flew them to Mars. They flew over the mountains, swam with sharks, visited the pyramids, and got to know different animals and cultures.
“I liked the fact that we explored different cities”, said one of the youngest visitors at Family Day.
During the three-hour event, the children took part in sports activities and the drama, music and art workshop, where they practiced their athletic and acting abilities, learned about the basic music elements – rhythm, melody and dynamics – and projected their inner world through colors, shapes and creative activities in which they painted, drew and played with different materials.
”The children were delighted with everything, and spent most of the time doing sports activities”, said Lidija, one of the moms who brought their children to Family Day.

Evaluation of children’s affinities particularly important to the parents

The children weren’t the only ones who enjoyed Family Day. The parents were happy because their little ones enjoyed a quality day filled with interesting and educational content.
“This project includes activities specially designed for the parents”, said Aleksandar Kuzmanović, the creator of Family Day and the SPONE Simulation System project.
The parents took this opportunity to talk to speech and language therapists, psychologists and experts, who helped them learn how to detect and assess the affinities of their children, and foster the development of their attention, memory, communication and speech.

An event that will be talked about

The children not only took with them great memories but also new acquaintances and the joy of taking part in comprehensive workshops.
During the event in which they spent time and played with their peers, the children saw what it’s like to use the latest technology, and learned about educational apps through the Kahoot quiz which put their knowledge of fairy tales to the test. Their results were great.
The principal of Primary School Savremena Jasmina Franolić highlights the fact this school will provide the children with education in a similar environment.
“The extracurricular activities at Primary School Savremena will encompass a plethora of workshops designed to develop the children’s imagination, preserve their inner child and teach them specific life skills”, said the principal.
Take a look at the first Family Day at Savremena:


Through international links and multidisciplinary cooperation between professionals, SPONE Stimulation System, a program designed for both children and parents, realizes socially beneficial projects aimed at enhancing the quality of formal and non-formal education, and the education of adults, children and the youth. It creates a humane, safe and healthy environment for the life and work of all citizens of Serbia, primarily children and young people.
Primary School Savremena is a unique Future Ready education system in the region, accredited by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia and Cambridge University, which, through a modern, interactive and creative approach, enables children to achieve top results and accomplish high academic goals.
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