The Distance Learning System enables uninterrupted learning at all LINK institutions

For months we have witnessed the entire planet fighting the coronavirus. This extraordinary situation has brought numerous challenges, one of which is the implementation of distance learning. All institutions operating under LINKgroup’s education system have effortlessly switched to online learning thanks to the DL system.


LINKgroup Distance Learning System – the first state-of-the-art distance learning system in Serbia

LINKgroup created the first distance learning system in Serbia. The system complies with the standards of the leading universities in the world, which is why this type of learning has all the benefits of the traditional learning process conducted in classrooms.
Our e-Learning platform has existed for almost 20 years and is the result of the dedicated effort of experts in the fields of education, software engineering, programming, administration, pedagogy, psychology and andragogy.
What makes LINKgroup’s DL platform highly flexible is the fact that students, teachers and professors can access it using laptops, PCs, smart phones, tablets, as well as the iOS and Android apps. A special benefit of online learning is the facilitated adaptation to different education levels and learning goals, which is why all institutions operating under the LINK edu Alliance use the e-Learning platform with the same level of success.

E-Learning in primary and secondary education

Students of Primary School Savremena, Savremena Gimnazija, the International School and the Information Technology High School – ITHS use the LINK e-Learning platform as an important addition to regular instruction.
The platform comprises interactive materials in the form of courses, which complement the school materials and provide knowledge from other important areas necessary for the students’ development.
The platform is tailored to students of both elementary schools and high schools. After lessons, the students can access their account and listen to lessons in any subject, or do homework and submit it to the teachers. Students who have problems with certain materials or units can contact the teachers via chat and send questions to which they will receive prompt replies. In addition, the students can also exchange experiences and learning materials with their schoolmates and friends.
Given that the students of Savremena’s primary and secondary schools, the International School and ITHS use the online learning platform for their regular school activities, they haven’t had any problems adjusting to the newly created situation. Their teachers have also switched to online teaching fully ready and prepared, providing their students with the best possible education even in these circumstances.


DL platform for top-quality education and professional development

The e-Learning platform has been successfully implemented in ITAcademy, BusinessAcademy and InternetAcademy, academies offering one-year programs for acquiring knowledge and skills in the most sought-after business areas today.
The students of these institutions can choose between traditional in-class learning and distance learning, both of which provide an equal quality of learning, support from professors and internationally recognized certificates. Owing to the DL platform, all students have continued with regular live stream lectures, online interaction with professors and the exchange of information with their colleagues via chat.
Additionally, the students can evaluate their knowledge level through tests providing them with an insight into the materials that need revising. What is particularly important is that each student has 24/7 access to the platform. This means that learning is not limited to the classroom and fully adapts to the students’ commitments and schedule, which is a great advantage in these circumstances.

Online learning for higher education students

E-Learning is also a valuable resource for all the students attending colleges and faculties. Taking into account that they are well-prepared for independent learning, the carefully designed DL platform is particularly efficient when it comes to higher education. For years, the Faculty of Contemporary Arts (FCA) and the Information Technology School – ITS have enabled their students to access interactive learning materials.
ITS students can use the platform to additionally explore certain fields and expand their knowledge by listening to the lectures, as each subject has its online version that provides additional information and facilitates independent development. On the other hand, in addition to developing their talents and gaining knowledge in art and culture, the students of the Faculty of Contemporary Arts can attend online courses in order to acquire contemporary skills providing them with a platform for their creative expression. 
The DL platform also contains recordings of particularly important lectures which the students can listen to whenever they wish, while the live stream service allows them to attend lectures in real time when unable to come to school. Also, the e-Learning platform comprises comprehensive learning materials, which means the students needn’t go to the library or reading room; everything is just a click away. Finally, the students can also interact with their professors via online consultations.
In the current situation, the DL platform will have a particularly important role at FCA and ITS; however, given their vast experience with the platform, both the students and the professors are convinced this will not affect the quality of instruction.

Health and education

The current situation has shown us how to act in order to protect the health of the students and teachers. The most important thing is that our DL platform allows us to provide top-quality education, as always. Many leading educational institutions have introduced online learning in their activities so as to fully utilize the numerous advantages it offers.
The experience of the teachers and students from institutions operating under the LINK edu Alliance has confirmed this. Thanks to the DL platform, students attending these schools have enjoyed years of exceptional results when it comes to learning.
The e-Learning platform is particularly important today, when health is paramount, as it allows the students to continue with their educational activities from their homes. This way, they will not endanger their health or their education. For this, all the participants of the teaching and learning process in LINK edu Alliance institutions are particularly grateful.
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