CompanyAcademy among the best websites in Serbia for 2019

CompanyAcademy, the youngest member of the large LINK family, received recognition at the PC Press Top 50 Best Online Things Awards in 2019.
At the 23rd edition of the competition, CompanyAcademy was in the top 5 websites for 2019 in the Business and Social Services category.

CA in the company of the elite

The Internet is ever expanding and the quality of the websites is increasing, which means that each year the criteria for choosing the best sites are becoming stricter. However, this recognition didn’t surprise the members of the CompanyAcademy team.

“When our quality is recognized by the public and the experts in the field, we know we’re on the right path”, says Dejan Martić, the CompanyAcademy Business Sales Lead, and adds: “The CA team consists of experts dedicated to meeting our clients’ requirements. We are a large team and we test our limits on a daily basis, striving to find innovative ideas for each task. This is why I congratulate all CA team members on this prize – they fully deserve it.”

Martić highlights the fact that a factor behind CA’s success is its founder LINKgroup, an international company which comprises 30 educational services, 11 educational institutions and 2 institutes.
PC press
PC Press director Vesna Čarknajev has nothing but praise for CompanyAcademy.
“CompanyAcademy is another excellent location from LINKgroup. We have great respect for LINKgroup’s accomplishments in education related to IT and modern professions. LINKgroup is truly a 21-st century company”, says Vesna. According to PC Press, CA is the perfect place if you want your company to advance:
Given that knowledge is the greatest treasure, employee education and licensing enables you to reach a wider market, attract larger investments, increase your profit and enhance your business in general. CompanyAcademy guides you along this path though LMS and CA platforms comprising hundreds of online and video courses, exams and other activities. The site is modern, easy to use and allows you to move forward quickly – try it out!

Award ceremony at the Belgrade City Assembly

The winners received their awards on a ceremony which took place on Tuesday, February 4 at the Belgrade City Assembly. CompanyAcademy earned the prize based on the different criteria assessed by the jury: text quality, visual and technological innovation, user experience, the authenticity of the message conveyed by the website, etc.

“This prize is proof of how much we invest in the quality of our services and our online presence. The quality of the site justifies the quality of the services we provide to our clients”, says Martić, who collected the PC Press award.

The jury at the Top 50 awards comprised the PC Press editorial staff, Uroš Bogdanović (KrAn studio), Anđelka Ducić (Symbiotic), Mićko Ljubičić (Tim Talenat) and Bora Miljanović (Represent Communications).

Make CompanyAcademy your best choice

CompanyAcademy provides employee education through modern online and traditional training. A personalized LMS platform with over 400 online and video courses covering 12 prosperous fields allows each company to choose the type of training suitable for their employees.
In addition, CA offers prestigious certificates, production, a multimedia studio and professional consulting, all of which is designed to meet the development requirements of any company.
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