For the best school year yet: LINK Edu Alliance Teachers’ Handbook

LINK Edu Alliance schools strive towards constant enhancement in accordance with the highest educational standards so as to provide their students with the best knowledge and competences that are necessary in the modern age.
We are welcoming the new school year fully prepared, with the Teachers’ Handbook, designed to further enhance our efforts towards educating new generations of students. The Handbook presents teachers with innovative ways to develop their teaching methods, and students with effective ways to acquire valuable skills.
The Handbook, which is available solely to Link Edu Alliance teachers, aims to provide better teacher competences, insight into new and creative teaching methods, as well as advice, examples, and guidelines.
With this Handbook, we want to set new standards in teaching and abide by the highest educational criteria. Using clear and practical examples, the Handbook inspires teachers to inspire their students.
Here is what you can find in the Teachers’ Handbook.

An entertaining history of education

In order to better understand the progress of educational methods over time, and how much our institutions have established themselves as 21st-century schools, the Teachers’ Handbook offers a brief and interesting overview of the history of education. Through this history, our students can gain better insight into how teaching has progressed over time and where this profession is today.

A new paradigm of knowledge

Modern paradigms require adapting the manner in which educational materials are formed, and the Handbook illustrates what contemporary knowledge entails and which competences are essential to teachers and students.


What does truly modern teaching entail?

Employing a modern teaching approach carries a great responsibility. The Teachers’ Handbook gives insight into creative teaching with the use of all resources provided by contemporary education. Educational standards in Link Edu Alliance institutions entail a unity of high professional competences and activities that are necessary for creating the best teaching practices.


Technology as an ally in teaching

Given that they work in schools that apply 21st-century educational standards, teachers can use the Handbook to find ways to implement cutting-edge digital strategies in education, thus enhancing the quality of the knowledge they convey to students. Teachers learn that educational methods are constantly changing and evolving, and our schools strive to keep up with these changes so as to establish themselves as schools of the future.

What makes a modern teacher?

Teachers in Link Edu Alliance schools abide by high ethical principles and favor a teaching approach that is based on creativity, which is highly important for developing a love of learning and, consequently, receptiveness to learning. The Handbook paints a picture of the modern teacher, one who responds to the requirements of modern education. Moreover, the Handbook presents the standards each of our teachers constantly aspires to.
The Link Edu Alliance supports its teachers on their professional journey, helping them maintain and enhance the contemporary teaching standards applied in our schools. LINK’s Teachers’ Handbook provides the best examples and tips designed to help our teachers improve their teaching methods and enhance their professional integrity.
We wish you a fruitful and successful school year!


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